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Why Champagne Is A Celebratory Wine

Today’s blog is written by the lovely Scarlett Wells. A wine enthusiast, Scarlett shares her knowledge of Champagne and its health properties. Cheers, darlings! 

Champagne Is Known As Sparkling Wine

Champagne is widely known as a sparkling wine. It exhibits carbonated properties, which results in a bubbly texture when served. Sparkling wines are most frequently produced and crafted in the wine regions of France, given the country’s large number of grape varietals that can be used to create a perfectly luscious bottle of bubbly.

The wide usage of Champagne makes it prominent compared to other types of wines. Champagne has the ability to stand in any season. It can serve any celebration, thus many wine lovers opt for this beverage. It also pairs well with the most common dishes, providing a perfect pairing for your favorite meals.

Celebratory Wines

Champagnes are also called celebratory wines. They are usually spotted at sporting event victories or toasts when commemorating momentous life events. Champagne’s wide versatility of both labels and flavors is a key reason why it continues to soar in the market.

The nobility of Champagne has continued a legacy up until today. Many wine lovers refer to it as the “King of Sparkling Wine.”

Keeps You Full

Champagnes are refreshing white wines that contain lots of sparkling bubbles when served.

The bubbles in Champagne can help curb your appetite in some cases. It means that as you go along and drink this wine, you’ll be less inclined to both eat more food and consume subsequent glasses. The bubbles directly fill your stomach, making sure that you drink just the right amount. If you’re someone who only likes to drink one or two glasses of alcohol, Champagne might be the right drink for you at any party.

As well, Champagne contains a lower alcohol content than comparable beverages. It also has relatively low sugar, which makes it a perfect cocktail mixer!

Makes Your Skin Healthy And Fair

Celebratory wines like Champagne are for everyone. However, researchers note the demand for Champagne is relatively high, especially for women. The antioxidants in this wine may give you younger and fairer-looking skin. It regenerates the body cells, effectively making way for a more radiant physical appearance.

You can also use Champagne as a skincare agent. You can apply it directly on your face by pouring small drops on a cotton ball and applying it like a toner. It tightens your skin and closes big pores, making your face clearer. The resveratrol component found in Champagne might also help brighten your complexion.

Refines Your Brain

During the aging process, brain cells are damaged every day and eventual memory loss may occur. Thankfully, Champagne has been shown to raise individuals’ cognitive responses and even prevent Alzheimer’s.

Each bottle of Champagne contains antioxidants that help protect the brain from said damage. Drinking one or two glasses every day could help your brain function better.

Carries Fewer Calories

I know many of us are often watching our waistlines. Did you know that Champagnes contain relatively few calories? As long as you drink in moderation, consuming a small amount of Champagne shouldn’t hurt your diet.

If you would like to serve or drink alcoholic beverages that don’t pack as many calories as say a margarita, Champagne is a great option as well, especially for dinner parties and cocktail evenings.

Gives You A Stronger Heart

The heart is the center of the circulatory system. It pumps and supplies blood to our bodies. It’s crucial that we maintain the wellness of our hearts to make sure our blood flows freely inside our bodies.

Champagne helps the hearts veins, arteries, and capillaries stay intact, allowing perfect blood flow. A study claims, “two glasses of champagne a day may be good for your heart and circulation and could reduce the risks of suffering from cardiovascular disease and stroke.”

Lastly, it also deviates the irregular blood flow, which oftentimes helps to reduce hypertension.

Drink Responsibly

Given the noted health benefits, there’s no better way to celebrate yourself and your health than with a glass of bubbly!

However, remember that all alcohol consumption should be done in moderation. Champagne and any alcohol consumption should be done responsibly and if needed, after we consult with our doctors.

Cheers to you and your health!

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Scarlett Wells is a freelance writer and wine enthusiast. She is an active critic, examining all varietals of wine so she can help consumers select the right kind of wine for them. In her free time, she enjoys learning about food and beverage pairings to help her become an effective connoisseur and mentor, inspiring everyone to maintain a fit and fab lifestyle.


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