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What to buy your significant other for the holidays

So far this holiday season I have talked about gifts from the heart, gifts for the makeup lover, and gifts for your grandchildren. We certainly would never leave ‘our most important squeeze’ out  even though these husbands and partners of ours can be quite difficult when it comes to shopping for that special gift. My husband, Shelly, will often just buy what he “needs.” So what can we gift our guys?

Happy and useful

My husband adores bold socks! He wears striped multi-colored ones, socks with abstract designs and socks with symbols like hearts. It is so much fun to shop for them. He has many many pairs and they brighten not just his day but mine. Bold socks or a bold tie or fun slippers turn something everyday into something that makes everyone smile.

Top left: Men’s Armor Lux Stripe Slipper – Buy it here: $85 at Nordstrom 
Bottom left: Men’s Bugatchi Flamingo Stripe Crew Socks – Buy it here:
Right: Happy Socks Variety Socks, Pack of 4 – Buy it here: $45 at Bloomingdale’s 

Something to brighten their everyday

One very special gift I bought Shelly was a piece of art; a big orange glass sculptured  hippo. I just knew it would make him happy because it brought back a personal memory of a time we spent together. Buying gifts with a memory attached is the best.


My husband and I like to commemorate our travels together with mugs. We pick up two from everywhere we go and have amassed quite a collection. If you took a great trip with your significant other this year and didn’t think at the time to commemorate it consider ordering some mugs or another kitschy souvenir from the location. It will be a great reminder of quality time spent together and a conversation starter not only between you, but with guests! I love using my United Nations mugs,  mugs to Presidential Museums  as much as I love the memory of trips of places weve traveled together.

Records and music

Records are back en vogue and chances are your guy might have one or two of his old records  laying around your home. This means turntables are back on the market. Consider gifting him one so he can play some of his old favorites in their original format.

Top Right: Crosley Cruiser Record Players – Buy it here:  $99 at West Elm
Top Left: Crosley Three-Speed Record Player Turntable- Buy it here: $99.95 at Saks Fifth Avenue
Bottom: Victrola Slim Bluetooth Record Player – Buy it here: $100 at GILT



If you are looking for a very romantic and sentimental gift I suggest this one. Do you have a little spot in the universe? You can put the coordinates of a special place on anything including a keychain or money clip. There are tons of independent artists to do this that you can click here to see on Etsy. If you don’t know the coordinates you can type in the address here to retrieve them.
Pictured: The BlueCoopDoor


I have gifted my husband several sets of unique cufflinks. If you and your significant other often dress up cufflinks are a great way to add some fun to menswear. Be creative or sentimental in your choices. There are just as many fun options as well as beautiful options so think about what the man in your life enjoys. I bought Shelly, my husband, a set that had a smiling sun with a wink and inscribed on the card: You are the sunshine of my life.

Men’s M-Clip Golf Ball Cuff Links- Buy it here: $114.95 at Nordstrom 
Men’s Boss Rendy Cuff Links – Buy it here: $95 at Nordstrom 
Men’s Lanvin Rock Drop Cuff Links – Buy it here: $185 at Nordstrom

What are your favorite gifts you have given your significant other? Let me know in the comments!

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