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Weekend Staycation Ideas to Enjoy with Grandchildren


My darlings, I recently wrote an article for you about traveling with grandchildren! Above all, traveling is one of my very favorite things to do and what’s even more special is now being able to share it with my 26 grandchildren.

Not only can traveling be educational for our little darlings, but they get to join a multigenerational group on their adventures. You see, I believe it is so important to experience the world through the eyes of every age, background and color.

What a Gift to Share Experiences with Young Ones

If you have the privilege to be able to take your little darlings on long vacations around the world, that is a wonderful and beautiful thing. However, I know many grandparents reading this might be on a budget or lack the time to take such globetrotting excursions.

If this is you, do not worry, my darlings! I am here to let you know that you can share magical adventures with your grandchildren without even leaving your backyard!

Sometimes the Best Vacation is the Staycation

Yes, my lovelies, I’m talking about staycations! If you live in a culturally rich city like Chicago or New York City, the opportunities for diverse fun and education are endless. However, if you live in a smaller town or somewhere with limited access to city centers, you may feel hampered in what you can provide for a weekend staycation with your little darlings.

Again do not fear! Whether you live in a big city or a town of a few thousand–or even a few hundred people–these lovely ideas are for you to enjoy a weekend of fun with your grans.

You can provide endless excitement, education and activities that enrich your little ones’ minds wherever you may go or whatever you may choose to do.

An Experience with Mother Nature

Zion National Park. Photo: Asif Islam/Shutterstock.

My darlings, what is better than taking our grans to experience the beautiful world we live in? Mother nature provides endless fun right in our backyards. All you need is a little research to find your nearest state park!

Ideas for State Park Adventures

  1. A guided nature tour to in incite your grand’s mind and learn something new about the environment they live in.
  2. Walking a nature trail together with some home-made snacks!
  3. Splash around and swim in the lake or river! Afterwards, enjoy a picnic you packed together earlier that morning.
  4. Plan a day of fun outdoor games such as a scavenger hunt or flying kites!

Book a Weekend Getaway at a Nearby Hotel or Indoor Water Park

My darlings, if your funds permit, taking your little ones away to a local hotel or one a few hours away is a perfect idea!

If your grans like to swim, perhaps a hotel with an indoor pool or an indoor waterpark would tickle their fancy. Spend the day teaching your grans to swim or have fun with them in the water.

If water is not to your liking, explore the surrounding area of the hotel. For instance, learning local history is always a way to expand our young ones’ minds. Find historical landmarks, explore museums and aquariums and don’t forget to play at their local parks and enjoy the quaint shops.

Try New and Exotic Foods

What a fun idea it is to try new and exotic foods where you live!

Plan a weekend of trying new ethnic foods with your grans. You can even make an exciting history lesson out of your adventure! All you have to do is find a local restaurant that serves food from a different country. This can be Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern or anything you fancy.

Each day, pick a new food to try and with that dish, explore and learn the different cultures that create the delicacies you choose. If you want, you can even decorate your home with the colors and sounds of that country or location!

Remember my darlings, if you can’t travel, bring the location to you! Let your imagination run wild and have fun with it.

Get Creative

Speaking of creativity, my darlings, did you know that you can take local art classes with your grans? While this will take a little bit of research, it will be worth it–I promise!

To find an art class to your liking, look up your local college or community college to see the kinds of classes for young ones they provide.

These classes are often inexpensive and can provide you and your gran a day of art and education. In addition, your gran will learn something new and so will you!

Don’t Forget Your Local Library

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, check the events at your local libraries.

Often they provide fun arts and crafts for young children that are completely free. These are great, as they always spark the minds of our grans. Then after you’re done with your activity, you can read books together and explore new worlds right in the palms of your hands.

How exciting for you and your little ones!

Be Inspired by Your Own Imagination

My darlings, I hope this gives you inspiration for future adventures with your little darlings. With a pinch of creativity and love, you can open a world of possibility for future generations.

Where Do You Staycation?

Darlings, where do you like to staycation with your grandchildren? Do tell! You can comment below or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Let’s talk!

May 10, 2019


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