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Weekend Musings: Dogs, Orchestras, Holiday’s & More

The Holiday Weekend Is Here!

Hello, my darlings! I hope you all are enjoying a fabulous 4th of July weekend. I am celebrating with my ultimate concierge, my dog America, family and good friends. The weekend has just begun, however, so get out there and enjoy your summertime activities! But first, I have a few weekend musings for you…

America Must Save Its Orchestras

Many of America’s orchestras are facing financial crisis. Due to lack of funding and several other factors, the salaries of musicians who play this wonderful art form cannot be paid what they are worth.

The article’s author states:

“Few things fill me with more despair than the idea that a single person anywhere in this rich country of ours should be deprived of the glories of classical music performed live. It should be the property of all Americans. We must save our orchestras.”

When I came upon this news I knew I had to share it, my readers. Have you been to your local concert hall lately to see the orchestra play a brilliant movement from the works of such minds as Beethoven or Vivaldi? If you haven’t, let this be a reminder to us all to support music and art in our communities.

Read the full article HERE.

The Week of Dogs!

Along with my article about my wonderful dog, America, we had guest contributor Kimberly Artley back on the blog this week. Her article, “Redefining “Behavior” in Dogs” gives us a look into how to effectively address behavior with our pooches.

One of my favorite bits of advice was about the foundational relationship between ourselves as owners and our pups. Kimberly says,

“Foundational training includes building and solidifying relationships. Certainly, this is one of the most important ingredients of training and behavior. The foundation of any sound relationship includes trust and respect. If these don’t exist between dogs and their owners, the dogs may give the metaphorical middle finger with each direction.”

Like any relationship in life, there must be trust and respect. Don’t you agree, darlings?

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July 6, 2019

Passages After 50

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