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The Best Senior Communities That Have It All

Tomorrow is a brand new day that has never been touched. Some days run smoothly, some days are sunny, some rainy and some are filled with the unexpected. Like the day I drove to visit a friend who lives in Sun City. Described to me as one of the best senior communities that ‘has it all’.

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As I drove away from Sun City that afternoon I forgot everything I thought I knew about the senior communities. I always referred to them as ‘retirement homes’. In my head those were filled with older retired adults quietly waiting for their call to the grave. But Sun City is the opposite. This was a community so alive with activity that it appeared to be a huge vacation resort where adults chose to move so they could really start living!

My friend drove me past the golf course and the Olympic-sized swimming pool. I visited two beautiful homes that were both different in style and sizes. One was my girlfriend’s, and the other one belonged to her friend. She told me that residents had to be 55 years and older and children were not allowed to move in with them. We had lunch in the large and welcoming clubhouse where I dined on a fabulous lunch while taking note of all the activity swarming around me. The atmosphere put me on a high.

Perhaps moving into a senior community can help you find mental balance in your life after 50.

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After spending the day at Sun City I wanted to write a review and research some of the best senior communities to share with you. Obviously, this is my opinion Darlings. I just want to ‘wet your whistle’ as the old expression goes, and hopefully change your thinking about the old ‘retirement homes’ that I had pictured in my head. There is a multitude of senior communities to check out.

Darlings, the list is actually daunting, especially since I didn’t limit my search to a particular region. These are the best senior communities that I resonated with:

  1. The Preserve at SaddleBrooke – Tucson, Arizona.

    Preserve is nestled at the foot of the Santa Catalina mountains. Homes range in size from 2,500 to 3,400 square feet. I looked at photos, and the homes have a lovely open concept design. The kitchens appear gourmet when I saw the appliances, and the homes have a three-car garage – great for your sports car and golf cart (wink). There are fitness and wellness classes, a golf course, swimming pool, performing arts, beauty and harbor shops and a variety of other classes. The weather is glorious and taxes are low in Arizona.

  2. The Residences at Turner Hill – Ipswich, Massachusetts.

    The photos of Turner Hill show a community that is styled in the Victorian tradition. There is a condominium association that handles all of your amenities; there are guest accommodations, a gorgeous gold course, fine dining, a state of the art fitness center and a large staff. Boston is less than one hour away, which is a great city to visit. This area is surrounded with history and cosmopolitan living close to resort living.

  3. The Village at Sherman Oaks – Sherman Oaks, California.

    Located in the San Fernando Valley, just a short drive from Los Angeles and dubbed a ‘Luxury Senior Living Community’, The Village even has on site housekeepers. The village has a full fitness center with many group classes, an art room for artistic types, and a greenhouse for those with a green thumb. There is also a full-service beauty salon and spa to get pampered whenever you feel like it.

  4. Del Webb Sun City Senior Communities – 

    It appears that Del Webb Senior Communities have it all. They really know their residents and even offer prospective residents over night passes to explore the grounds and amenities. They also will provide a fully furnished home for your comfort, allow you to participate in a class, meet the residents and explore his community in your own golf cart. Del Webb resort communities are all over the United States: Florida, Arizona, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina, Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia and North Carolina! Del Webb 55+ communities offer a place for residents to belong. They host dinner parties, dancing, clubs and have a golf course. They also offer a connection with people who are as excited as you to make new friends and connect.

If you have been on the fence about whether to move to a warm climate or whether to downsize to a smaller home, hopefully I may have planted a seed in your mind.


As I read article after article about the best senior communities I found one drawback – for me.

I enjoy spending time with people of all ages and stages of life. This feeling is personal but I do want you to consider what I am expressing to you. Living in my beautiful Chicago, and in my condominium in the sky puts me in touch with people of all walks of life; something I really enjoy. This might be hard to come by in a senior community.

My Experiences in Chicago 

Yesterday, I took America on an early morning walk and stopped on my way home to talk to the doorman at the Ritz. After twenty minutes of conversation I found out he has three dogs, a stay at home wife, a set of twins and another child. His son has saved $16,000 to attend a trade school to become an electrician and his daughter is a hostess in the fine dining restaurant at the Ritz and least I forget; one of the dogs sleeps next to his wife! I had a great time conversing and went home on a high.

Today, on my way to Einstein’s Bagels to order lox and bagels to serve for my Sunday family morning brunch I met a young girl who lost her dog several months ago. She stopped me because she wanted to pet America. As she pet him, he kissed her, and she told me she didn’t think she could ever get another dog. I told her I understood how she felt because I had lost Orchid. However, I told her the reason we have America is to honor Orchid’s memory because she made us so happy. I knew I reached her when she looked up at me and smiled and told me she liked what I said, and the she was going to think about getting another pooch.

There was an extra bounce to my step as America and I walked home on a beautiful brisk Chicago day. I thought this young girl might go to Paws and bring home a new pooch. I was very happy.


Living in a community with multigenerational groups is very important for my happiness. I know myself and honor how I feel. This is only my opinion.

Living in a gated senior community offers every other opportunity. I hope I have peeked your curiosity. Start studying your options. I’ve given you a few of the best senior communities that I’ve found. Go for it!

Is a senior community your “Second Act” of life?


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  1. Like you, I want to interact with all ages of friends. I would only move if my health did nor allow me to age in place.

    1. We are all fortunate there are so many diverse options at our fingertips.I feel as you do today but as you said times change and we change.Right now I am living in the moment. I bet you are also. I am smiling. Warmly, Honey

  2. We just recently moved to Sun City in AZ and we love it. Luckily we are close enough to Phoenix that I will get my time with other generations..I hope!!
    In fact I’m posting about sun City on Friday….we are thinking alike!

    1. We are two peas in a pod! I am thrilled that you are happy.You can always get time with other generations. Seek and you will find. Happy Turkey Day. Warmly, Honey

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