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The Best and Worst of Life After 50

Life After 50

Earlier this week, I asked you to opine on what the best and worst of life after 50 are to YOU. I shared mine and, not surprisingly, you did not disappoint when it came to sharing yours.

The end result is the following endearing and entertaining, funny and sometimes frustrating, list of the things that we adore about life after 50, as well as a few things that are just annoying. All of which are made better by knowing that we are in this together. As always, thank you for joining me in this community we call Your friendship is a treat.

Treat! Learning to be happy with what I have.
Trick. Clearing out the unnecessary stuff.
Laura Padula via Facebook

Treat! Two words: Senior discount.
Trick. Being offered senior discounts before you’re old enough to get them.
Treat! Retirement.
Trick. Retired husbands.
Susan “Honey” Good (SHG)

Trick. Empty nest.
Treat! As many puppies as you want.
Nancy Ann via Facebook 

Treat! Learning that beauty, truly, is more than skin deep.
Trick. Memory loss.
Treat! Having amassed 50+ years of unforgettable memories.

Treat! Learning who I really am.
Trick. Seeing a stranger in the mirror.
Yaknnyl Regnaz via Facebook

Trick. Illness.
Treat! Discovering that you have the strength to survive.
Trick. Regrets.
Treat! The wisdom to know you did it all the way you wanted, you are exactly where you should be, and you have the power to go wherever you want from here.
Trick. Reading glasses.
Treat! Next chapters.

Treat! Daughter-in-law, best friend and daughter I never had.
Georgia McCrabb Bianchi via Facebook

Weight gain.
Treat! Being loved anyway.
Randi via the blog.

Children growing up and leaving home.
Treat! Finding out that you raised your new best friend.
Trick. Frown lines.
Treat! More happy times than your heart can hold.

Treat! Not caring as much what others think of you, and being comfortable with who you are right now. Losing people from my circle that are too full of drama and unkindness, and sharing my life with quality, not quantity.
Trick. Losing loved ones too soon.
Treat! Sleeping as late as I want, which is a good thing because…
Trick. Waking up at 2:30 in the morning for no apparent reason.
Treat! Watching my hubby grow the beard he always wanted.
Trick. I’m growing one too!!! 😲
Mary Ferguson via the blog
Treat! Being considered an old soul. It was less alluring when you were 20 but now, you’ve earned it.
Trick. Grandma panties.
Treat! Grandchildren

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  1. Treat: “Retirement” for my husband and I (for the past 6 years) has been wonderful rediscovery of Self and what Love is, after a long career of 24/7 dedication, we are truly enjoying life together and as individuals.
    Trick: Being told that my husband has Leukemia.
    Treat: Discovering a new inner strength one never knew they had to absorb devastating news, pick up, dust off and rise to the challenge each day.

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