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The Benefits of Being an Observant Woman Over 50+

The Benefits of Being an observant Woman Over 50+ are great and powerful

The Benefits of Being an Observant Woman Over 50+

I observe everything and every one with great detail. Darling, I began my study of observing in the first grade. I usually walked 11 blocks home from my elementary school, with my girlfriend, Sandy. On the few occasions I walked alone, I remember I observed nature and architecture and sounds. As well, I remember I never felt alone because I had so much around to observe.

Because of this, I learned soon after that I was not simply observing with my eyes; I was also “observing” with my ears. This thought came into play as I began to listen to the words of my family and friends. They provided me with detailed and learned information. Such as behavior, perception, values, scrutiny, and best of all, ‘newness of thought.’’ People, good and bad, were all teachers.

How to Be a Joyful Observer

In order to do this, you have to tune in. What do I mean by this?

Years ago, as the new year of 2018 was around the corner, I observed the number 18 and became ecstatic. Why? Because in the Jewish religion the definition of the number 18 is to live. The Hebrew word for “life” is chai. The word reflects the importance of life in Judaism. And I wondered how many of my Jewish friends had the time, because of life’s distractions, to think about this marvel. The last time the number 18 appeared on a year’s date had been over 100 years ago: 1918. In my mind, I will always refer to 2018, as the Year of Chai; of life. My first joy in the New Year. And this all happened because I am an observant woman.

The Shape of Water

I also observed by ‘listening’ intently to the lines in a movie. We viewed The Shape of Water, on December 31st of 2017. One line so moved me that I made it my New Year’s toast to my husband, Sheldon Good, my Ultimate Concierge. So, I raised my glass in front of my friends and said to him, “You are all around me.” This wonderful phrase will stay with me all the days of my life.

Some months ago I wrote a poem. So, this morning I pulled the poem out of a file because I recalled it has everything to do with my observations… seeing and listening to my inner thoughts. And, it is interesting that the poem on the topic of dealing with cancer was inspired by my ability to observe.

Life Changed After Cancer

The sun is sunnier.
The leaves on the trees, greener.
The flowers smile and… I smile back.

Each star shines brighter
The Seas are calmer
I follow, woman, the moon.

My empathy keener
And, my appreciation greater
My thoughts run deeper
I am wiser.

My laugh is heartier
And my clarity keen.
I forgive and forget
And, I am calm.

I live life to its fullest
Passion and fierceness
are my middle names.

I ride ‘my wave of positivity’
Cancer brought me to a higher plane.

So, my Darling, delve into the wonders of observation, starting with yourself. You will be all wiser and, I must add, happier women over 50. Why not start with bringing a fresh bouquet of cut flowers into your home to observe with joy.

How do you observe your life? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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  1. Honey, thank you! I am a professional fine artist. I grow a few roses and always lament when I cut them into a bouquet and then don’t have time to paint them..because that’s the reason I began growing them. Recently though when that happened, I realized hey, I can just love them because I love them. They’re beautiful and smell awesome! You are so right. I’m a new subscriber and enjoying your blog. Thank you!

  2. I, like you, am an observer of life. My husband and I are blessed to live on four acres in the middle of a busy Atlanta suburb. Our property was once a small horse farm. There haven’t been horses here for many years, but we have observed and enjoyed sixteen generations of deer, who come to graze in our pasture daily, and a bounty of beautiful birds. We have often talked about how blessed we are to see and share with each other the beauty all around us. For my birthday last week, my husband gave me a lovely Willow Tree statue of a couple entwined with each other. The title of this statute is “All around you”.

  3. Each night before I go to sleep I stand outside and look up at the universe and think back on my day and all the wonderful things I have seen and experienced and say thank you .

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