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Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf After 50

Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf After 50

Scarves are such a year-round accessory, and they rarely go out of style, which is why I love them so much!

But do you have an entire collection of scarves you hold onto for this exact reason but then find you never actually pull them out of your closet? I’ve found that sometimes it’s because I purchase them in a crazy pattern and then have nothing to match them with or I just simply don’t always know how to tie them correctly.

Have you ever run into this issue?

Today, I’m not only sharing some scarves I think are simply stunning but how to actually tie them so you’ll want to pull them out before your next luncheon or dinner date with your love.

Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf

There are so many different sizes and types of scarves available. Even if you don’t like one kind, there are many others that may be perfect for you. So pull out your unique collection and let’s get styling!

The Braid

I love this style, darlings, and every time I wear a scarf in this fashion I get double looks, followed by women coming up to me and asking me to braid their own scarves! This is a perfect look if you don’t have an infinity scarf and have a long, flowy one. The best part? Braid it just like you would your hair! If you’re more of a visual learner, click here for a video tutorial!


Twist & Loop

One of the great things about scarves is they add just a touch of detail to an outfit with minimal effort. This style is perfect to add style to a plain outfit, like a T-Shirt or blouse and jeans. It looks much harder than it is, and is great for a lengthy and soft scarf! If you’d like to see a step-by-step picture tutorial to achieve this look, click here.

twist and loop

Belt It

Scarves aren’t just for around your neck. Have you ever tried pairing your favorite silk scarf with a soft blouse and colorful skirt? Check out the photo below for inspiration! Do you see what I mean, dear readers? There’s simply no wrong way to rock a scarf!

Add to Your Collection

Maybe you have just a few scarves in your collection or maybe you have many. Either way, it’s always fun to add more! Check out the fun options below, or if you’re not looking to spend any money, organize a scarf swap with your best girlfriends! Like I said, they never go out of style, so that’s a fun way to spice up your collection.

SheIn Men Mixed Print Skinny Scarf

SheIn Men Mixed Print Skinny Scarf

Snag this classic scarf for just $4, here. Yes, you heard me right. It’s just $4 😉

BP Leopard Print Scarf

BP Leopard Print Scarf

Adding some animal print scarves to your collection is a fun way to jazz up any outfit while still sticking to a neutral color palate. Purchase this one here for less than $20.

Tory Burch Block T Oblong Scarf

Tory Burch Block T Oblong Scarf

This option is more of an investment, but it’s high quality and can be worn as a belt, around your neck, or even tied onto your favorite handbag. Purchase yours here.

That’s a Wrap!

How many scarves are in your collection? Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello Susan,
    I love my scarf collection. I always look for ways to incorporate them into my outfits. They are seldom just the right shade I need to go with today’s palette, so I buy more! I appreciate the ideas in your column, especially the belted look. Would love to see more examples.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I love to share. Thank you for reading my musings. Have a happy day. Put on a scarf or tie one around the handle of your handbag. Warmly, Honey

  2. I buy scarves to incorporate a different color into an outfit. I have a great solid purple dress; I purchased a scarf that was purple and red so I could wear red shoes with the dress instead of black accessories. Scarves are wonderful!!!!!!!!

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