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STYLE! And, a Facebook LIVE event.


I want to talk about style, do you?

Seriously, I’d love to know at this stage in our lives how important style is to you? For me, style is everything in the sense that it represents how I live, what I do, how I treat others, and much more.

I am not speaking just of fashion here…I am thinking of the “style” in which one chooses to exist.

In fact, I believe that living with style extends well beyond clothes, shoes, and the like.

For me, a life of impeccable style involves gratitude, confidence, kindness, visibility, and much more. How do YOU embrace life stylishly and… on your terms?

Yesterday, I wrote about my style concerning focus. The focus is all about living in the moment, concentrating on the task at hand, and – for me — always setting an intention to be optimistic and grateful. These are the cornerstones of the style on which my life is built. What are yours?

Style, of the obvious sort.

I do care about how I look. I’m not ashamed to admit that nor do I think I should be. I do not believe that caring about how I look subtracts from my value as a woman of substance. Do you?

I do care about your opinions, my darlings, but they do not define me.

Because, as a woman of substance, I know that each person will have a different opinion of me and the only opinion that really matters is my own. That is one of the cornerstones of my feelings about fashion. I dress for me, no one else.

The ensemble that you see pictured here is a gorgeous Pucci dress that I truly adore. I love the colors, I love the fabric, I love that this dress is at once neutral and noteworthy. It’s subtle. Yet you can’t ignore it.

I paired this dress with one of my favorite Hermes cuffs and a pair of grey suede boots.

If one is interested in judging me, they may see my jewelry as a representation of a shallow attachment to material things. Of course, they would be dead wrong. As many of you know, Shelly purchased a bangle for me every year that I was cancer free. By the grace of God, I’ve amassed quite a bangle collection. Needless to say, I am beyond grateful.

I have learned over the years not to judge others. It is not my STYLE. And, after all, that is the problem with “snap” judgments… they are made too quickly to be correct. 🙂

Style changes.

The reality of the situation is that style, in the typical sense, aka what’s “en vogue,” frequently changes. But that is okay because over the years I have discovered that I often change as well.

I believe that if you do not look at who you were years ago and cringe, you’re doing it wrong. I am not the woman that I was 5 years ago — 10 years ago — 15 years ago — and let’s not even talk about 20 years ago! And that suits me just fine. Do I look exactly as I used to? No, and that suits me just fine, too.

I no longer look like the teenage girl that sprouted her wings in Kankakee by the Sea. I have embraced every bit of this journey with joy. Because of this, I am an even better version of me, changed by my adventures and with any luck, just as much bolder as I am older, just as much brighter as I am wiser. And, more beautiful than ever. YOU ARE TOO! I hope you get that!

Style, on Facebook LIVE.

OK, darlings, back to FASHION! This, Tuesday, October 2, we will be back on Facebook LIVE talking about FASHION! You asked I answered, so I am dedicating this LIVE event to style, and for those of you who requested it, maybe a mini tour of my home, as well.

Please, do me a favor…spread the word! Please share the news with other vibrant and visible women over 50 and help me join this community of like-minded women who get that we do not fade away with time, we blossom. We are bloomers, not boomers! Let’s keep growing, together.

P. S. I usually do my weekly wrap-up of stories on Saturdays, but this week I decided to try something different. Do you like it? Do you miss the weekly wrap up? Please do tell! I would so love to hear from you on TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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  1. Brava!!!!

    Love this article❣️You show us all how to exhume confidence and strength from within.

    You are the leading Bloomer with plenty of MOXIE!

  2. Thank you! I Love everything YOU think and do, as you are truly inspirational Honey. Cant wait to peek at your home but how does one get on Facebook live???
    HELP…please 🙏 Astra

    1. Thank you for your compliment. Go to Facebook and type in honey good and my facebook should come up. There will always be an announcement. The next one will be the second week of November? Does that help? Warmly, Honey

  3. I love this Sunday new story. I hope your tips for starting a sisterhood group come soon. I want to begin but want an idea for numbers and topics for discussion. I have ideas but lol forward to hearing your ideas.

    1. Please sign up on my home page for Moxie. The group will be up by the middle of November. There will be different groups with different topics and a leader for each group from Honey Good. Please send me your ideas. I welcome them. Send to honey@honeygood. com. There will also be more information coming soon. Maybe you might want to be a leader of a group? Warmly, Honey

  4. Dear Honey,
    Beautiful dress and boots! Your bangles are lovely in so many ways too.
    Celebrating each decade of life with style is a gift to us all. Never giving up on yourself is hard to do. It’s so easy to put those sweats on and a comfortable pair of sneakers with no make up.
    This was an inspiring article.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I love my sweats too. Just add your lipstick and a dash of perfume. Voila! I am smiling. Warmly, Honey

  5. Honey, I’ve never thought of you as having shallow attachment to material things, not at all. You are sharing these things with us and I love it and look forward to your conversation every day! Thankyou so much for being YOU!

    1. Oh, thank you so much. I am sharing and caring with you and the other gals. Have you signed up on Moxie? It is only for honey good women where we can converse with one another. The sign up is on my homepage on honey good. Thank you so much once again. Have a lovely day. Warmly, Honey

  6. It’s been hard for me to learn to love myself! However, I’m getting there!
    I enjoy building other women up and making them feel beautiful❣️I’m a Mary Kay Consultant so I get lots of chances to do that.
    I simply love you style and beautiful smile❣️Keep sharing with us & thank you so much❣️

    1. I read Mary Kay’s story. What a great brand. I am glad you are getting to where you belong, to love yourself. No one loves themselves every second so please do not be hard on yourself. Have you joined my new group on, Moxie? Please do if you have not. Moxie will be made up of only Honey Good gals. Warmly, Honey

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