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Roar With Self-Confidence In 2023

Happy New Year sweet reader!

No matter your age I proclaim 2023 the year of authenticity; the year to become your authentic self. It is okay to feel fear, but I want you to do it anyway! The point is this: when you are an authentic woman, you no longer see things as they are but instead, you see things as you are.

In other words, listen to the ‘you in you’ and not, the roar of the crowds. In other words, roar with self-confidence in 2023. This is your year to stop feeling invisible and come out of hiding behind the masks and the walls of your homes.  You have had two years of solitude in Elsewhere to do a lot of soul-searching and there is no better time than the present, 2023, to take your thoughts and turn them into positive and honest actions. You will find it cathartic to tell your family, friends, co-workers, and the world… Take me as I am or…leave me be. 

Trust me, to have the confidence to be true to yourself is powerful and uplifting. It sets you free. Others will notice and respect you because you are genuine; you are an authentic woman. Many women are not authentic. It is not that they don’t want to be. They lack self-confidence so they can’t be. 

I want to tell you to throw away your facade. I want to tell you to make 2023 your year to age exquisitely after 50. The only way to do this is to be authentic to yourself and others. I want to tell you it is okay to show a vulnerability, an imperfection. After all, you are human, not a robot. Others will respect you, not pity you. And, the more authentic you are, the more self-confidence you can have.


A Story on Self-Confidence

Two evenings ago my ultimate concierge and I went down the elevator from our apartment in the sky to the Ritz bar for dinner. We love this little intimate bar and we frequent it often. Sometimes we sit at the bar, have dinner and make conversation with strangers, other times we sit at a table for four with friends and sometimes we dine alone. We were alone the night I had a conversation with a young girl, my friend, who lives with her husband and baby in our building.

She came  up to the table and said, “ I overheard a hate conversation about you the other night.” She certainly startled me. Then she added, “It really was admiration and complimentary. Three women were talking about you. They said you had an air about you because you are a writer and own a company. Then they talked about you marrying Sheldon Good and that gave you an air.” And, then one of them said, “If I was married to Sheldon Good I would feel like she does!” 

My young friend said, “In their indirect way they were complimenting you for your accomplishments. They were not hating you, they were hating what you did with your life. That you had self-confidence and reached the heights.”

I am telling you this story because I was astounded. I was not astounded that they were talking about me, instead that they looked up to me because I don’t see myself in that light!

I never talk about my career or myself in a braggadocious manner, I don’t talk about it at all. I would be embarrassing myself. And, yet these women think I have an air! 

So, how did I feel? I felt great because my air, the impression I put into the atmosphere, is not false or pretentious. I am genuine. I am authentic. The way I ‘simply be’ is powerful. And, that is how I want you to feel about yourself! The only way to do this is to be authentic to the ‘you in you’ and passionate about who you are.

Therefore in 2023, I want you to think about your authentic self. This will empower and enlighten you.


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Another Story on Self-Confidence

Last night I had an in-depth conversation with one of my closest friends. I let her do most of the talking. I listened and liked what she had to say. She began by telling me that every day when she looks in the mirror she hates her face. She went on to say she would never have plastic surgery. Very seriously she told me that her main goal (she is a fabulous wife and grandmother to her blended family and very accomplished in chamber music and the opera) was to take care of herself and learn to love her face and body. So, she takes a pilates class five times a week and drives to her revered facialist for a facial every two weeks. She has also added new products to her daily and nightly skincare routine.

I noticed a few months ago before she and her hubby left for Florida that her complexion had a glow and I thought she had work done! No work. Facials. She shared the facialist’s name in Chicago and the products she uses. I am making an appointment today and buying the products she uses. And, making an appointment with her facialist to have a facial in Florida in January. The products she recommended? Dr. Brandt Skincare Transforming Pearl Serum, Dr. Brandt DNA Triple Peptide Eye Cream, Dr. Brandt DNA Time Defying Cream, and Dr. Brandts Liquid Sun Shield

My girlfriend is authentic. No facelift for her. No ‘follow the crowd’ for her. She told me last night that yesterday someone asked her if she had her eyes done! She discovered her authentic self and is very happy, has more self-confidence, and likes her face in the mirror! 


The Secret To Self-Confidence Is Authenticity

So, my sweet reader, I want you to leap into 2023 with the goal of living life authentically. You can do this when you follow your heart, designate a little sacred spot all your own to ask for what you want, ban the buzz and follow your buzz, feel the fear and do it anyway, raise your awe, keep a journal or planner and live 2023 in chapters.

Learn to listen to our own inner thoughts and desires, rather than trying to please others. Learn to embrace our accomplishments and not be ashamed of them! Remember, being proud of ourselves and our achievements is not being braggadocious, it’s simply being confident in who we are!

Little by little you will learn to speak out your truisms in the public square; pushing all fear aside. Each successful conversation will build your self-confidence. Remember showing your vulnerability instead of hiding it builds respect; not destain. You are letting others know showing constant perfection is fraught with dishonesty. Be yourself at all costs. You are not a flash in the pan, like fashion that comes and goes, or a fleeting star whose light goes out. You are an authentic combination of real style and the North Star, forever lasting, stable, and shining bright. You are awesome. 


Happy New Year darlings! What are you hoping to accomplish in the new year? Have you thought about adding ‘listening to my true self’ to the list?

January 1, 2023

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  1. Susan says:

    Learn, and try new things! Just bought cross country skis. Taking a lesson with an expert and joined a womens ski and tea club. Next up, learning more about classical music, a new passion, and attend symphony performances across the country. XO

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