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Preparing for National Lipstick Day

National Lipstick Day

I don’t believe we should chase our youth,  because we can’t catch it!

Here’s what we can do… we can take good care of ourselves. We can nourish our bodies and our souls with healthy food and healthy relationships.

Furthermore, we can stay up-to-date on makeup trends and new advances in skincare and do our best to make sure that we give our outer self the respect it deserves.

We can also focus on all of the beauty on our faces, rather than focusing on a crinkle there or a wrinkle here.

And when all else fails, we can throw on fabulous sunglasses, swipe on some bold lipstick, and remind ourselves that each of us now has the experience and wisdom to be a force in our community and family because, unlike much younger women, you, my darlings, have earned your Ph.D. in life!

Flaunt it with your head held high, your make-up set and perhaps a pair of fun, funky sunglasses… most likely with prescription lenses 😉

National Lipstick Day is Almost Here!

You may not know that this weekend there is an actual holiday called National Lipstick Day occurring. When I read of this I thought immediately to myself, what fun! What a great opportunity to remind our community that embracing color and embracing change is healthy at every age.

So, while I prefer, as a rule, to focus on inner beauty, this fun holiday serves as a great reminder to update your make up routine if need be.

Here Are a Few of My Favorite Tips…

Avoid Heavy Foundation

It only makes us look older. I use Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation because of its thin and silky texture. The makeup pros have taught me to choose a shade or two darker than my natural skin tone because going a shade lighter exaggerates fine lines.

Avoid Bright or Dull Blush

I love my blush. MAC is my favorite. I think a woman should add ‘blush’ to her skin. It is feminine. A make-up artist told me to wear MAC at night. I think of my blush as part of my personality.

Avoid Dark Eyeliner on Upper and Lower Lids

Dark eyeliner brings out the dark circles under one’s eyes and makes your eyes look smaller.

Opt for a soft grey or brown pencil rather than dark liquid liners. I use a white pencil by Sisley. I put a white dot in the corner of my eye and don’t line my top lid, using the same pencil under my lower lashes.

Avoid Eye Shadow With Glitter

The experts say your eyelids will look crumpled and thin lines will show if you wear shimmery shadows. Opt for a matte shadow if possible.

Avoid Heavy Concealer Under Your Eyes

You should not commit this cardinal sin. It will only make your dark circles worse. I have the perfect product to cover your darkened circles. It is expensive but it works and lasts forever. Buy Tom Ford Eye primer duo base. It is my favorite product in my makeup drawer! It will give your face an uplifted look without anyone knowing you are wearing the product.

Avoid Mascaras That Are Too Light

If you have great lashes flaunt them with black mascara. I love Chanel!

National Lipstick Day

Wear Bold Lipstick If You Are So Inclined!

You know me, my friends, I am not afraid to sport a bold lip. I believe it adds color to my face and I also believe it sophisticated.

For me, it’s a personal preference, but, I want to encourage you to experiment with a bold lip if you so desire. Above everything, I want to tell you that there is no world in which you are too old to wear bold lipstick! Age is just a number.

As I mentioned, this Sunday is National Lipstick Day.  What a fun day to experiment with bold lipsticks if you are curious! Need encouragement? MAC is giving away free lipsticks this Sunday. Yes, FREE!

What’s the catch? Well, according to most news sources there is none, however, I would imagine that there will be many people lined up for completely free MAC Lipsticka. Read all about it here.

Have you splurged on any new makeup lately? Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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July 27, 2018


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