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The power of silence to reinvigorate your life

Honey Good talks about the power of silence in your life

The definition of change is to reshape, transform or evolve. I think women our age tend to be satisfied with their lives. Feeling satisfied with the life you live is powerful because it means that you feel good about you. I have recently rediscovered the satisfaction and the power of silence.

When you feel good about yourself after 50 or 60 or 70, it becomes easier to get out of a rut or tweak your lifestyle.

Remember: You do not want to make changes in your life out of defiance. You want to make changes in your life after an awakening.

What was my awakening? I am done with my own nonsense.

The lifestyle I led was full of action. Just imagine a hummingbird hovering over a flower filled with delicious nectar, while its wings flutter a mile a minute. That hummingbird was me.

Little by little I have slowed down my wings and channeled my energy into a direction that fulfills me.

The power of silence

I have established a new relationship with silence. And I am very happy, thank you. This does not mean that my social interactions are not strong, rather they have been redefined.

I have always loved the silence of the night and now… I love the silence of the day.

I am more charged up than ever before by the power of silence. My new life is invigorating and I am happy because I am fulfilling my wishes. I have redefined my needs.

And you can, too, if you feel the need. Dear readers, be done with your own nonsense.

“Silence is a friend that never betrays.”  – Confucius

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  1. Loved all of Honey Good ditties. Love my life as I am a Blessed individual. Wonderful daughter. Great man in my life. Colorful person I have become

  2. I love silence-noise drives me away. I love social interaction but sometimes the outside stimuli becomes too much-Silence is beautiful!

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