Understanding the art of positive bending and the importance of adaptability

A woman who practices the art of positive bending leads a charmed and richer lifestyle because she knows the importance of adaptability. She flows with the tide and is able to bend with the wind.

A woman who leads a rigid lifestyle after 50 is unwise and often very unhappy.

The woman who has the ability to “bend” with life’s challenges leads a far more tranquil, curious, forgiving, empathic, flexible, loving, joyful and active existence. She sees the sun in the morning and the stars at night.

The woman without the ability to ‘bend’ tends to be more confrontational, therefore preventing her from leading a tranquil lifestyle. She is not as curious and does not entertain the possibility of stepping outside her box, therefore missing out on life’s adventures and pleasures. She is unable to easily forgive, therefore she lacks the capacity to show empathy for others. She is more concerned with herself. These are all negative qualities that may prevent her from leading a joyous lifestyle after 50.

How can women learn the importance of adaptability and the art of positive bending?

  1. Practice forgiveness. Tell someone you are sorry. When you do this, you will begin to feel and learn the art of positive bending.
  2. Step outside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to bend with the wind by engaging in a new activity. Travel? Yoga class? Book club?
  3. Buy a dog. Become committed. Your pooch’s needs will acquaint you with feelings of love, empathy and ultimately joy. You will learn to bend with the tide and enjoy the feeling. You will lose your rigidity!
  4. Smile.
  5. Put your daily situations into perspective. Here is my example:

Last weekend I opened our doors for three days to my visiting daughter’s two huge golden retrievers because I care about my daughter’s feelings. Some of you may say to your son or daughter, “You have to board the dogs.” My priority was to bend in a positive direction. I wanted to make my daughter happy and I had a new experience. It was a joy. My husband  loved having three pooches (we cannot forget Orchid) in the house.

I promise that if you experience the art of positive bending, and know the importance of adaptability, your spirits will rise, you will look far more radiant, you will want to smile and you will feel joy. I promise it will be well worth your effort.

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