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Our Trip To Paris

The best part of our trip to Paris and into Normandy has been the experience of listening to the Good grandchildren’s conversations and watching their eyes take in the grandeur of Montmartre and the city of Paris, Monet’s Garden, Mont-Saint-Michel, Honfleur, and Normandy. We are on the last leg of our trip on our way to Versailles to visit what was once the home of French royalty before the French Revolution.

When we left the States a week ago we had a strong family connection. We will leave tomorrow for our homes in the USA feeling a closer tie.

Listening to other grandparent’s travel experiences with their grands gave me guidelines for our trip to Paris.

I noted some grandparents gave their grands the choice of wandering off on their own during the day. Their only request was to meet, as a family, for dinner.

I did not like that plan.

I planned a trip with my criteria of spending every minute with one another. Day trips with guide and driver. Travel as a group in our sprinter. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a family. It worked. We rode together laughing along the way, we learned together with our guides and had discussions over meals as we dined on different styles of French cuisine during our trip to Paris.

My philosophy is, “the family that plays together, stays together.” As this trip ends, my feelings remain even more committed to this philosophy.

All six of us have stable and happy marriages, so there was never any back and forth bickering between the Good couples. Though the two brothers and their wives have very different personalities, they blended and grew closer. My ultimate concierge and I, though older, fit in with our younger grands and felt visible and relevant.


Fortunately, I found myself surrounded with loving help and care from my grands

We were seated in a beautiful restaurant in Honfleur when my grand, Scott looked up from his phone and said, “Noel just posted on Instagram that her cancer came back and it was worse than the first time.”

Noel is my granddaughter, married to my grand, Rob.

There was total silence at the table as everyone looked at me. I was speechless. The grands were aware before we met in Paris that Noel’s cancer had returned and obviously thought — since I am her grandmother — that I would know. That was the reason for Scott’s comment.

What they did not know was that I knew ‘nothing at all’ about Noel’s cancer returning!

The day before we left for our trip to Paris, I had mentioned to my ultimate concierge that I had not heard from Rob or Noel, to say goodbye and wish us a happy trip. I was sad and dismayed about their silence and could not imagine why I had not heard from them. I texted Robbie and asked and did not receive a reply.

Now I understand why there was no call or text before our trip to Paris. The suddenness of her situation presented itself just before we were leaving. Noel had immediate surgery. Apparently, they were not going to send me off with that news.

At the dinner table my tears came, my shock felt and my fear set in. If I had not had my grands, I would not have gotten through the next two days to include the long night.

My darling, Annie Good, went online and showed me the string of photos and story that Noel was posting daily on Instagram, her entire medical journey. Katie Good, a physician assistant in oncology, knew the definition behind the type of Cancer cells Noel had and was able to understand Noel’s condition and educate me.

I texted Robbie and let him know I was aware of everything, and he texted back.

As I write, Noel and Robbie are on their second medical journey in a year. They have a plan in place for her recovery.

Katie understands the plan that will include an auto-stem cell transplant and chemo. She sent a text message to Robbie to be sure and ask the doctor’s an important question.

My granddaughters were so caring and knowledgeable and helped me through the shock with their unconditional love and information. I love them.


I had written the poem a year ago, In September of 2017, when Noel and I found ourselves in different hospitals having Cancer surgery.

In the middle of the night, as I lay in my hospital bed with thoughts of her, I wrote her a poem. I saved it for one year and mailed it last week when I felt it was time appropriate. Within four days of her receiving my poem, Noel was in surgery fighting Cancer for the second time in her young life.

Cancer is an emotionally challenging and fearful experience. I am not the same woman I was. I am better. Reread my poem. For every negative, we have a positive if we look for it. Look for yours, darlings. Noel and I know ours. We will continue to ride our waves.

Have you or your loved ones fought cancer? What tools helped you, and them, cope? I would so love to hear your thoughts on TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.


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October 12, 2018

Passages After 50

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  1. LuAnn Penland says:

    Yes, I have fought cancer and very blessed. I know it was a shock to you hearing about Noel’s news. But, as we know, everything happens for a purpose and the purpose on this was all of you being together and giving strength to each other. My prayers for Noel, her loved ones and for you. Don’t send any negative thoughts out in the atmosphere. They are electrical impulses and just float around out there, never going away. Sent with love. 💖

  2. Linda Osborne says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your granddaughter. I will be praying for her and your family.

  3. Cindy N. says:

    Beautiful, heartfelt poem. I wish and pray for Noel Robbi

  4. Lynda Hollier says:

    Honey, I am so sorry that Noel is beginning another cancer journey. I will pray for your family. My sister’s cancer battle was devastating, how could sun shine so brightly when my sister was dying? My youngest daughter announced that was expecting her second child. My sister said “good, we need this”. We spent time grieving together, praying for life, but accepting God’s will. God is very wise, my new granddaughter slept in my arm as her sister cuddled in my lap, during my sister’s service. I am always reminded, hope and faith will sustain me.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I am praying and thinking positive. Noel and Rob have a one-year-old daughter, too. Noel will ride her wave. Thank you for messaging me. Warmly, Honey

  5. Connie says:

    Honey, I am praying for your dear Noel and family. Prayers are vital for survival. My husband is a two time melanoma cancer survivor, and was recently diagnosed with Luekemia. I pray every day for all to be healed from the “C” word.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Sorry to read this news about your granddaughter. I’m wishing the best to her, and to you.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Thank you. Very serious. Will be treated at a specialty hospital. Needs a bone marrow transplant and chemo. My kids are moving to another state with their one year old for a few months while she has treatment. Thank you, once again for your concern, Warmly, Honey

  7. Dori Lieberman says:

    I will keep Noel, her husband, child, you and the rest of your family in my positive thoughts and prayers.

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