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After 50 look for new opportunities to bring you happiness

I like the saying, “Moving through the world.” I know there are many women who have given up on moving through their worlds because they feel invisible and irrelevant.

They see changes in their bodies, their eyebrows thinning and their hands aging. They walk down the street without that extra skip in their steps, and their children are too busy to spend quality time with them because, as it should be, they are busy with their own lives.

I am in this stage of life, too, however I think to myself, “Wow, I am alive! I am strong, and I lead a relevant life. I am visible.” What do I mean by relevant and visible? I am connected to the world.

Of course, when I look in the mirror, I notice I am getting older… no surprise!

I look at certain styles of clothing that I used to wear and I think, “Nope, not for this woman anymore.” Then, I remind myself, “The clothes I can no longer wear will only make me happy for a few hours, not forever.’” I no longer trick myself into thinking that a new pair of suede shoes make my life joyful.

Worthwhile happiness is being alive as opposed to just living

We have all lived over half a century, thank God. We should know by now that inner beauty is what makes a beautiful woman. Staying wide awake and attuned to new possibilities will maintain your beauty. And, dear readers of mine, you will not only be beautiful, you will be gorgeous. Your eyes will sparkle brightly and the lines around your eyes will smile. Your lips will speak wisdom because you have traveled your bumpy and marvelous roads with success. Your mind will become profoundly appreciative of what is truly important as you move through your world.

There is a song by Edie Brickell and the Gaddabouts titled, “Go Where The Love Is.” This song embodies everything I do. I choose to move through my world with eloquent grace and joy through this passage of life.

To “Go Where The Love Is” has everything to do with what touches you; what you want to see and experience; what makes you feel happiness and contentment; and what you do that makes you know you are visible and relevant. It is letting go of all excess baggage. It is called joy.

There is no reason why you cannot grasp it. It will take thought and tenacity, but you know as well as I do that it is there for the taking. And, I will promise you this… it will bring you far more happiness than that new pair of shoes.

Do you feel visible and relevant? If not, how do you plan to regain your joy?  If you’ve already done so, what is your secret? I would so love to hear from you either in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. "It is called joy"…and my name is Joy, so everyday I am reminded that I am best served by living up to my name. I am a 58 year old woman who has had the benefit of living a well lived life; most of which has been lovely, some has been a challenge. I have raised 5 beautiful children to be independent, open minded people. The love of my life died in my arms two years ago after a bravely fought battle with cancer. I have a creative career in a fine art museum, been a fashion designer and traveled the world. I’ve seen so much love and beauty that I couldn’t possibly not wake up everyday feeling grateful and optimistic about all the love that is yet to be.

    1. Hi Joy: wish we lived closer. Would enjoy lunching with you. You walk on the sunny side of the street like I do. Always looking forward and grateful for our family and with all life has to offer. Warmly, Honey

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