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What should older women do if they are worried about money


I was at a lecture recently with my ultimate concierge to hear two famous TV hosts address the current state of America. Their statements on the “macro” condition of our country caused me to think of an important “micro” condition:  the money worries of older women and what can be done about this very real problem.

I left the lecture with large messages to ponder, especially one–a statistic directly related to the money worries of older women: the average middle-class American male has not seen a raise in his income in 11 years.

I was shocked, and I started to wonder about women like myself who are over 50, 60, and 70 years old who are frequently not being hired and are worried about money issues, specifically, how to earn and save money. What can those who fall into this category do?

Unraveling the Money Worries of Older Women With Solutions

Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas that I think are very interesting. They piqued my fancy because they are psychologically enticing and would certainly solve some of my own money worries.

  1. Did you ever think of giving tours in your hometown? Who knows your community better than you? is an exciting platform that allows you to design and price your own tour. This excites me. If I still lived in Kankakee by the Sea, I would really enjoy showing people the history of my community, while earning money along the way.
  2. I had lunch with a fabulous woman last week who is 77 years old and a writer. She is widowed, and her only child lives out of town, so she house sits doggies. She considers her new career a privilege and pleasure. Ultimate Housesitting Guide can help you get started.
  3. Have you ever thought of being a grandma to the younger generation as a job? Who to trust better than a grandmother? Parents in the workforce would love to have you as a nanny for their children rather than an inexperienced young woman. This is an excellent way to address to help with the money issues of older women! If you like taking care of children, there’s usually a real need in every community for caregivers of children. Why not take it a step further and open up a little company to match grandmothers with young families?
  4. If you live in the West, consider spending your summers working in a National Park, whether that be in a store or leading older people on tours. Get started on Older and Bolder.
  5. If you love doggies and want to stay active and healthy, become a dog walker. You can earn $15 to $20 per half hour. I know many older dog walkers who love their careers.

There are multiple ways to alleviate your money worries as an older woman during your retirement years using the skills you already have or can easily acquire. These jobs are far from boring and can help you feel visible after 50. And, just as importantly, your money worries will lessen along the way.

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  1. How about becoming a Celebrant? A Celebrant is trained in conducting ceremonies and is knowledgeable in rituals and diverse cultures. You could perform weddings, baby naming ceremonies, birthday milestones and home going services. I am finishing up my program right now. Google Celebrant to find a school in your area.


    1. That is a wonderful idea. Very special. I could have written that in my story but I was unaware. Thank you for sharing. Warmly, Honey

  2. Hi Honey Good
    What a inspirational post .
    I don’t personally need the
    Money .
    But love the ideas of just getting out and helping others along the way .
    Thank you always enjoy your words of wisdom.

    1. I would enjoy doing everything I wrote about. Help others and earn some cash along the way in a most befitting manner. Warmly Honey

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