My goal is to help you create a lifestyle of positivity and possibility. I am smiling!

– Warmly, Honey

How to live with passion and humor over 50

Honey Good talks about maintaining your life's passion and humor over 50 and how to reengage with those things for people who have lost that in their lives.

Life is a little sweeter when you live it with passion and humor over 50. Let me begin by saying: Be positively passionate about your life. Weather your valleys and inhale your mountains. Seek out people who are happy campers and humorous.

One of my close friends, Sue, emailed me at the beginning of the week asking, “Why don’t you write a blog on having a sense of humor?” I immediately smiled at the upbeat story idea and wrote her back saying, “I will add humor to my Friday story.”

I needed time to think.

It is a known fact that we have entered this passage of life called, aging. All of us face change and with it comes challenges, but it is not all bad. Change is great and challenges can feed us wonderful joys.

How can we add humor? Dear readers of mine, you know the answer as well as I do – It is all about attitude.

The last few days, I observed how I spent my time. While it was filled with both highlights and lowlights (and I do not mean my hair!), I continued to live my life upbeat. I laughed and smiled through the woes.

I put everything into perspective by looking for the positive in each situation. I refuse to see black. Instead I see my woes as grey, the middle of black and white. I always see the glass half full.

These were a few of the unpleasant situations I faced:

  1. My girlfriend that I care dearly for is very worried about an x-ray she had taken. I feel sad because she is scared, so I tried to show her how to view the situation as “grey.” I think it made her feel better and it lifted my spirits, as well. It is all about attitude.
  2. My grand, Michael, is suffering from a severe concussion after a football injury and has not recovered. He is in a famed concussion hospital for five days of testing. He has written two messages to family and friends, explaining his situation and thanking them for their support. I posted his messages to my Honey Good Facebook. He has been having seizures from his concussion, but it has been determined he does not have epilepsy.  My heart tells me he will recover. It is all about attitude.
  3. I had an unpleasant medical procedure and while the ordeal is not over, I did not procrastinate when it came to my health. I was proactive facing the situation head on and I will be fine. I saw grey. It is all about attitude.
  4. My bathroom sink overflowed after I left the water running to answer the door. I did not know the drain was clogged. (Don’t ask!) I did not see grey, but that’s humor, dear readers. It is all about attitude.
  5. My husband Shelly, my pooch Orchid and I were in a taxi cab accident. My husband  still has a black eye and cuts on his face. I immediately said, “You are lucky. You did not lose your eye.” My positivity made him smile and feel a sense of relief. It is all about attitude.

And so it continues on and on and on, just like our lives.

This is my philosophy for keeping humor, laughter and smiles, alive and well.  

How to live with passion and humor over 50

  • You will not age if you don’t let your spirit age.
  • You have the freedom to accomplish your dreams. Your children have their own lives, so concentrate on your endeavors and you will laugh, smile and discover humor along the way.
  • You have emotional freedom. You do not have to prove yourself to anyone any longer, and you are not stuck doing what other people expect of you.
  • Most women our age are no longer in love with their bodies, so fall in love with your mind.
  • Do not carry grudges. Let go.
  • Say yes to everything.
  • Take a hot shower each morning. I always mention that I do my best thinking in the shower. One of my daily thoughts: Pretend each drop of water is a blessing. Be grateful.

Our lives are all about: Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!

Yesterday as I walked through the revolving doors at Neiman Marcus, I was in a bit of a funk thinking about my grandson, Michael.

I needed mascara and on my way through the store I saw salespeople who knew me by my first name. While I was not in the best frame of mind, I hugged some, waved to others and gave a big smile to all. When I left the store I had a smile on my face, remembering our short, but upbeat conversations filled with wonderful humor.

Sometimes we have to fake our attitude to live a passionate life. It only benefits you.

Say yes to life. Stay in love. Remember, you have choices. Be engaged with people who have a sense of humor. Be passionate about your life. Work on it everyday. I do and I promise, it works. Have you found it difficult to keep passion and humor over 50?

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  1. Dear Honey! I just want to say thank you! I so enjoy reading your blog everyday. You have helped me so much! I’m a glass half full person too!
    your devoted reader
    Jamie Noto

    1. Thank you for your prayers. I am praying too for my grand, Michael, my daughter Jenny, Michael’s brother and sister and dad. He has been severely injured.Warmly, Honey

  2. Attitude what a beautiful word, you are so right even thou I know is so true I forget. I think you wrote this for me to see it. Thank you!!! ????regina

    1. You are so welcome. We all need to keep the word in our thoughts. It is so positive. Have a happy day! That’s attitude. Warmly, Honey

  3. dear Honey, I did love no. 5 about the unpleasant situations you faced, but I had to laugh because that’s exactly what I would say—you are so right about attitude also a mind set, so thank you for all you post and share

  4. You and I have so much in common and I am enjoying your posts. I am about your age, I am a cancer survivor, I adore my partner, and I just spent the last few days trying to keep a happy thought about my grandaughter who has been having seizures!! Finally, Her MRI came back perfect and she does not have epilepsy. They think hers are migraine seizures. Best wishes to you.

    1. Best wishes back to you. We do have a lot in common though my grandson is still in a lot of trouble from his concussion. I am so happy your granddaughter will be fine. Warmly, Honey

  5. This is one of your very best articles. I really enjoyed it. Attitude and a sense of humor go a long way in helping any situation. You gave me some wonderful thoughts!

  6. My husband died one year ago today. I consider this day to be a milestone in my life. Thank you for your positive post. I can do this!

    1. It is a milestone in your life. It was in mine,too. You can do anything you want to do. We all make our own luck. I know you will do it.
      Warmly, Honey

  7. I love your article, Honey. I remember my beautiful mother, Mimi Rosenberg, who passed away some years ago of colon cancer would say about her lady friends that they were negative. Although very nice people, they would say to my mother, "Mimi, as we get older we have to expect getting ill and putting on weight. Mimi was a sweet person but could be a little feisty would quip back, "I do not have to expect any of these negative traits as we get older." She would say let’s go out and have a great salad and get some good vitamins. They looked at her and reacted like she was from another planet. As my mom would say just like you, Honey, age is just a number. Gee, I miss my best friend. With warmth and adoration, Iris Rosenberg-Cooper from Manassas, VA

    1. Your mom was a great role model for you and my mom is for me. That is why we have positive attitudes. I love her comment to her friends. Now you will pass the importance of positive attitude onto your children and grands. And so will I. Arn’t they lucky.
      Warmly, Honey

  8. Wonderful common sense advice that we all need to be reminded of:) you’re an inspiration is hard for everyone (at different times), but it really is how we approach it. A good attitude is half the battle, Rosie Xx

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