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Lessons My Mother Taught Me: Gratitude

Our mothers teach us many lessons. Today I want to share one of the lessons my mother taught me: gratitude.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Yesterday, my phone rang. It was my daughter Jennifer and my grandson Jack calling from their car. They live with the rest of my darling family in Scottsdale, Arizona. I live half of the year with my husband in California.

“Mom, we are driving to Anaheim for Jack’s tournament. We are going to stop and see you on the way to give you kisses and hugs.” I felt such gratitude. I felt so adored. I was grateful.

Less Is More

From the time I was a small child, every positive and half positive happening in my life have been met with my sense of gratitude. I owe this to my mother. I was not a spoiled child even though I grew up in a very affluent family. My mother was strict. I used to come home from school as a young girl and say, “My friends with much less money own more clothes that I do!” But she persisted in her teaching that “less was more.” Her philosophy was, if I got everything I wanted, then how would I know the value of gratitude when I did get something?

Today, as a grandmother, I live a beautiful life with a great husband and a large blended family. We own two homes. We travel the world. I have beautiful clothes, jewelry, and my list goes on. Thanks, Mom, for being strict, because my gratitude far extends beyond the monetary to the importance and appreciation of feeling grateful for everything.

On Mother’s Day 2014, this is my tribute to you, Mom.
Dear Mom,

A child is not born with gratitude. Your exemplary behavior as my mother gave me my moral compass. You showered me with the true meaning of gratitude. How special you are. How lucky I am! I am grateful and blessed to have a mother such as you… my teacher, my role model, my friend. It is interesting that you never told me to be grateful. You never said to me, “Suzi, you must be a grateful child.” The message reached me through your example. When you received a gift, I observed you writing a thank-you note. I observed your gratitude for your friendships. Your gracious manner of saying thank you to the salesgirl for her help, your show of gratitude to my father, your gratitude for your healthy children, your strictness in teaching me the value of monetary possessions, and on and on. Because of your example, I feel the value of gratitude for the smallest happening in my life. I owe this to you, dear mother of mine.


And so on this Mother’s Day, I end with this message. You are a blessing…my mother, my teacher, my friend.

I love you to the moon.

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May 4, 2014


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