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How to Transition Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Spring

Let’s learn how to transistion your skincare routine from winter to spring!

How to Transition Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Spring

It’s that time of the year again when everything comes back to life after resting for several months – it’s spring again. You can finally swap your heavy (but warm) boots for sneakers, a winter coat for a jean jacket or a light parka, and sweaters for t-shirts.

However, your wardrobe is not the only thing that should be upgraded from winter to spring – your skincare routine also needs it. For instance, while a heavier moisturizer might have worked perfectly fine for you during the cold months, as cold dries out the skin, it might be a little too heavy for spring.

So, what changes exactly should you implement into your skincare routine to make it perfect for spring? Well, that’s something we will be talking about in this article – so, if you are interested in finding out more, just keep on reading!

Change Your Moisturizer

Since during the winter months, your skin is more prone to becoming dry, there’s nothing wrong with using a heavy moisturizer – it’s actually quite recommended, as it keeps your skin hydrated. However, during spring, the needs of your skin change. This is exactly why you should find a moisturizer that has a thin consistency so that your skin is able to breathe.

Think About Collagen

After the age of 20, your skin starts losing collagen (about 1% per year), and this protein is crucial to keep it firm, bouncy, and glowing. So, if you are in your 20s, or older, it would be good to either look for a moisturizer that contains it or take collagen supplements. Besides, healthy skin is only one of the amazing health benefits of collagen – there are plenty more, including joint pain relief, leaky gut repair, muscle support, or better mood and quality of sleep.

When Your Skin Produces More Oils

If you notice that during warmer days, your skin feels greasier than usual, then you should choose an oil-free moisturizer, preferably with SPF.

Tip: You might think that if your skin type is oily, you don’t need a moisturizer. Nothing could be further from the truth. The sebum (also known as oil) doesn’t provide moisture to your skin – it just helps keep it locked in.

Not moisturizing can lead to the overproduction of oil, which leaves you more shiny than usual. What’s more, too much oil can cause dead skin cells and debris to be blocked in your pores, which eventually might lead to breakouts.

SPF – Is It Important?

The answer is YES. It doesn’t matter if you are staying inside the whole day, or are running errands, nor does it matter if the sun is shining – SPF is crucial 365 days per year, as it protects you from harmful UV rays. If you are exposed to the sun for longer periods of time, you should opt for moisturizers with SPF 30 or higher.

Don’t Exfoliate Too Much

Don’t get us wrong – we are all in for exfoliation during winter, especially since dry, dead skin cells can cause havoc on your complexion, by clogging your pores and not allowing the products you apply to work on the surface of your skin.

However, once the days get a little warmer, and there is a higher level of humidity in the air, your pores become more open, and thus their responsiveness to the products and their effects increases. It’s okay to exfoliate your skin every once in a while to get rid of the dead skin, but don’t go overboard with it.

Switch Up Your Cleanser

Although gel and foaming cleansers might have been too hard for your skin during winter, spring is the right time to put them to good use. They are perfect for taking care of all of the dirt, grime, and pollutants that might have accumulated on your skin throughout the whole day.

Tip: If you aren’t a fan of exfoliation as a separate step in your skincare routine, you can look for a cleanser that has a gentle exfoliant as an ingredient, such as salicylic acid. It will ensure that your pores are free of the dirt and grime that might have clocked your pores.

Use a Lighter Foundation

Just like with the moisturizer, during warmer months you don’t have to use a heavy foundation – you can opt for a lighter one. There are a plethora of light foundations available on the market, all of which have different levels of coverage. And if you don’t want to wear foundation? Well, there’s always a tinted moisturizer or BB-cream. When choosing the product, make sure that you go for an SPF, non-comedogenic product.

Give Your Body As Much Water As Possible

Okay, this might not be directly related to the skincare routine, but it’s still a very important factor in making your skin look its best. There are two ways in which you can provide your body with the necessary water.

The first one is bathing. You can enhance the hydration your body receives by taking a bath with certain oils or salts. What’s more, the steam coming from the water will open your pores, and cause you to sweat, which is the body’s natural way of cleaning itself.

The second way is by drinking plenty of water, as well as incorporating fruits and vegetables rich in it into your diet. Consider starting your day with a glass of lukewarm water with a bit of lemon squeezed into it.

The Bottom Line

Spring brings a lot of changes – not only when it comes to nature, but also you. After all, you change your wardrobe, by switching your boots for Converse, or your sweaters and jeans to dresses and skirts.

Your skincare routine should also be upgraded once the temperature starts rising. Unfortunately, not many people do so, which is a mistake, as your skin’s needs are different during winter and spring.

We hope that after reading this article, you will know how to transition your skincare routine from winter to spring. As you can see, it is not that hard – as long as you have an idea about what to do. Good luck!

What is your spring skincare routine? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page. We want to hear from you!

Oliwia Zawadzka – content writer for Primal Harvest, as well as other health websites. In her free time, she enjoys uncovering the secrets of medicine and the human body.

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