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How I Calm My Mind During My Busy Days

Personally, darlings, I calm my mind every day by spending time alone, walking America and listening to soft Hawaiian music. This all takes place between the hours of 4 am and 9 am. With the rest of my day, like you, I juggle my responsibilities between people, places and everything else that arises.

Due to my lifestyle, I only have a set routine during the wee hours of the early mornings when I write my story and make my notes for the day. At 7 am, America and I take an hour-long walk and between 8 am and 9 am, I spend alone time with my husband Shelly and America. My heart constantly reminds me that this routine is exactly what I need to set the tone for the rest of my day.

My Early Mornings

I am my calmest around 4 am every morning, darlings. This is the beginning of a new day and a time during which I have total peace of mind. In the wee hours, the sky is most often filled with twinkling stars. Similarly, the city lights seem to twinkle in unison. As I sit at my computer, my thoughts drift to Van Gogh and Starry Night.

I am alone with my thoughts, soul searching unwittingly as the keys of my beautiful MacBook Pro begin to tell another story. Reflecting in silence, I am at peace. I write and finish my story for the day as the sun begins to rise. Take time to be alone, darlings. You will do your best thinking and soul searching to revitalize your spiritual side.

Outside We Go

At 7 am America awakens and we are off, just the two of us, on a long morning walk. This is our alone and exercise time. We walk past the parks, the lake front and then head to Michigan Avenue. There is no traffic. I talk to him and he answers with a wagging tail. He is now a year old and we have built a strong bond.

The shops are still closed at this time, merely happy dog owners and their pooches stroll the streets. We stop and mingle with several. Everyone, owners and pets alike, is as happy as America. I revel in everyone’s company. I am with America, my loyal friend of unconditional love. Spending alone time with a furry pal while getting in a good walk brings me tranquility. My dear readers, spend time with your furry friend or consider adding a pet to your family and please remember to get your daily exercise.

Back To Our Apartment In The Sky

Returning home, I walk into the kitchen and have a discussion with Alexa. I say to her, “Please play soft Hawaiian music.” As the guitar strums, I slowly prepare breakfast for America and pour my ultimate concierge a freshly-brewed cup of coffee. The Hawaiian music keeps me calm. My ultimate concierge and I chat as the chanting continues to bring me peace. Play music darlings–no TV–just soft music.

The beginning of our peaceful breakfast is interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing, America noshing on a metal pen and the dry cleaner ringing the doorbell. Bedlam begins to settle in at the Good home.

My ultimate concierge cannot find an important email and needs my help. I thought I sent a text to one person and found out I accidentally texted five people. America is chewing on an empty plastic water bottle and I am beginning to feel the mood change.

I am no longer peaceful and tranquil. Instead, I am mildly frazzled and it is only 9 am. However, this is healthy for the body and soul because there is that certain feeling of vibrancy in the air. But there is a caveat. Instead of letting your head dictate the direction for the day, combine your head with your heart for added clarity.

Listen to Your Heart

Taking the time to smell the flowers, even for a mere 30 minutes each day, will awaken clarity within you. So many women over the age of 50+ (and under the age of 50 as well) are equally pressed for time and hungry for serenity. Take heed because here is a magic formula: listen to your heart and act based on your intuitions. Your heart holds your instinct. Your head is filled with what society thinks and what others dictate.

Every woman thinks she is indispensable and therefore regularly searches for her sense of calm. It is important to take the time each day to rest your mind in order to have a clear view of your responsibilities. A woman who finds the time in her busy day opens the door to her heart.

I know this may be hard to do but do it anyway, darlings, because it is such a delicious feeling! You will be able to dive into  sustaining relationships and experiences that will make your heart sing, providing your life with an even clearer identity.

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  1. loved your writings today! everything you say is so true! I am trying also to carve out time in the morning to calm my brain. Blessings!

    1. Try ! Try! Try! Everyone needs alone time to recharge themselves. Blessings back to you. Warmly, Honey

    1. Thank you! Alone time is your private time to do what ever your little heart desires. Love yourself. Warmly, Honey

  2. Such a great piece of advice! Honey, I have to ask you…what time do you go to bed at night if you rise at 4 AM and does your Ultimate Concierge go to bed at the same time? I usually wake up at 6 AM and my husband sleeps a few hours more. The alone time in the AM is wonderful!

  3. Love it!
    I too start the day with soft instamental music, alone quiet time, my journal …and heart thoughts.
    Would love to incorporate exercise and walking my dog…but she is a senior Pekeniese and that means slow, slow, slow!
    Need to make time for exercise though…excuses, excuses! 🙃

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