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Hot Summer Travel Destinations Around the World

Adventures Are on Their Way  

We still have some summer left to enjoy, my darlings. If you’re looking to plan last-minute travel or researching next year’s summer vacation ahead of time, consider the variety of places I’ve discovered for you. I hope this list adds some great new ideas for your next globe-trotting adventure.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Travel to Monte Carlo

As I write this, my feet are touching the ground of the wonderful Monte Carlo. Made famous by the James Bond movies and its upscale casinos, Monte Carlo might just make you feel like an international super spy. Situated on the Mediterranean coastline of France, this independent city-state is an adult’s paradise full of gourmet local dishes at the Condamine Market, a fantastic boardwalk and seaside wonders.

As their website states, Monte Carlo offers, “the finest collection of one-of-a-kind experiences in Monaco.” If you’re looking for relaxation, fine-dining, being a high-roller at a fine casino, shopping and beautiful sunsets, Monte Carlo might just be your next summer travel destination. I just have one question; do you take your martini shaken not stirred?

Plan your Monte Carlo experience HERE.

Barcelona, Spain

Spectacular Barcelona

Known for its glorious art and architecture, Barcelona is a spectacular destination for any summer vacation. While any history buff or artist will enjoy their time here, the city also has many beaches to cool you off on a hot summer day.

Considered a must-see destination by many world travelers, this large city will keep you on your toes. There is always something to do and see, giving any vacation a spice of life you can’t find just anywhere. Did I mention Barcelona is a great place for any food lover? In total, they have 20 Michelin stars, which is quite astounding. Enjoy a morning at an urban beach, see astounding architecture throughout the city, followed by a gourmet dinner and fine shopping. Your days will be full and so will your minds and bellies.

Get ready for your trip to Barcelona HERE.

 Tuscany, Italy

The Tuscan countryside

Slightly off the beaten path of more common tourist destinations in Italy, Tuscany is a must-see. Well known for its landscapes, art, food, and culture, Tuscany offers a slice of Italy to remember for years to come. If you’re planning a holiday in Italy, make sure you stop off for a time in this breathtaking location. You will not regret it.

As one of the greatest repositories of art in the world, you can spend your days admiring paintings, sculptures and brilliant architecture. Once your eyes have feasted, let your taste buds take in the fresh food and fine wine. Stay in a villa or an Airbnb to enjoy the gorgeous views of the famous countryside, sipping delicate wines while the sun sets on a perfect day. As well, make sure you stargaze while you’re here. The skies in Tuscany are spattered with stars and planets you don’t see often stateside.

Plan your Tuscany getaway HERE.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Traveling off the beaten path in Morocco

In the last few years, Morocco has become a hot-spot for year-round tourism. With colorful markets, unique excursions and stunning views of both the city and the desert, Marrakesh is a place to experience in this lifetime. However, this location is not for everyone, as the city is densely packed and the culture is very different than more mainstream tourist hubs like Italy or Spain.

Do not let that deter you, my world travelers! Marrakesh is safe if planned accordingly and I would recommend doing your research for the best tourism companies and guides to take you safely through the city. They will also help you navigate the culture so you can get the best out of your time there. Try new foods, explore the famous markets and maybe even ride a camel or take a hot air balloon tour. There is much to do and see in Morocco—you will never be bored!

Experience Morocco HERE. 

Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian fjords

I don’t hear many people talking about Norway as a tourist destination, but it’s a wonderful and interesting place to travel. As their slogan says, Norway is “powered by nature” and they are not kidding. Known for long summer days that reach the mid-60s, famous beautiful blue fjords and scenery that looks like a postcard, any nature-loving traveler will find their fun here.

If exploring fjords, extraordinary waterfalls and mountains don’t sound like your cup of tea, Oslo has got you covered. In this metropolitan hub, you’ll experience Norwegian delicacies, shopping, art, and culture. As well, Oslo was named the European Green Capital in 2019 for its dedication to conservation and reducing pollution. This means the city is very easy to navigate on foot or bike and has a great public transportation system so you can explore and discover all Oslo has to offer.

See what Norway has to offer HERE.

What are some of your favorite international summer travel destinations? Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram. I want to hear from you, my travelers!

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