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My undergarments of choice: Hanky Panky lingerie


As a “new age grandma” with 24 (and counting!) “grands,” Hanky Panky lingerie not only puts a smile on my face—it puts a smile on my husband Shelly’s face. He loves the bold colors, playful styles and R-rated sex appeal of this wonderful line.

The looks of Hanky Panky lingerie

R-rated is the appropriate adjective here. Nice with just a little hint of naughty. Or not— since there are also super-sporty items. But Hanky Panky’s always classy, but sometimes sassy, offerings cover it all—from undies of every ilk (from boy shorts to thongs), bras, leggings, nighties and camisoles to special pieces like the super-sexy retro Duchess Garter Belt that reminds me of my youth. After all, what’s old is new again!



Best of all, every single item in the line, from the sweet, super-feminine teddies to the snappy boy shorts and nervy thong, is comfortable and flattering thanks to the stretchy fabric that is the foundation of the line.  It doesn’t show those unsightly undie lines when you’re dressed, or rub, chaff or cut my skin.

My drawers are overflowing with all types of lingerie, but I consistently reach for my pieces by Hanky Panky. Besides the fact that it’s easy on my skin and never shows unflattering lines when I’m dressed, it always, always, always brings humor to my day (and Shelly’s too).  And that, dear readers, clinches the deal for me.

I am proud to be a Hanky Panky ambassador for women over 50, but in truth am preaching this message to women of every age. Hanky Panky lingerie is classic, and so stylish, functional and fun that we all need to stock up.  See what I mean at

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