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Weekly review: My first podcast and getting organized

This was a busy busy week here at

Darling readers my very first podcast appearance debuted. I talked to Elaine Benoit of Maturepreneurial all about Specifically we talked about how I got my start and how you all came together to be such an awesome community. I would really love for you to listen to it. It felt so good to tell my story.

My Sunday story this week was very important to me because I shared the how vital people were in the healing process following my recent surgery. So many of you darling readers reached out with kind thoughts and I am so grateful for you.

Since my recovery I have been really focused on organizing this week. It officially feels like fall and I think that is a perfect time to start over and get focused. I talked about my own quest for an organized system of keeping a calendar and also for paperwork. I did finally settle on a beautiful day book and some new desk accessories to keep me on track, but it really took some time and it might take some time for you too to find your perfect system.

But darlings never fear! I shared plenty of ideas for you on how to organize the chaotic areas of your life including your calendar, your desk or your phone. I even shared some suggestions on how to stay focused for optimal success this new season.

In style and beauty this week it was all about the natural. I love the dark florals that are trending this fall and on Monday I wrote all about how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe this season. Scarfs and accessories and beautiful sweaters all in the deep hues of the fall season are just a must! We also highlighted some fabulous all-natural cosmetic lines. If you want makeup with less chemicals you are no longer limited in color or style or type of product. There are so many options out there.

And finally dear readers, on Friday for “Survive” I recounted an alarming medical incident in my 40s and talked about how crucial advocates are for patients during medical procedures. You should absolutely have a family member, friend or someone hired to be your voice during a hospital stay. In this story my daughter may have saved my life! And having an advocate is not limited to when you are older. If you have younger family members and friends that think they should do their hospital stay on their own share this story! This is true of the old and young alike. We are all equal when coming out of anesthesia!
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