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Fall Style After 50: There’s More To It Than Meets The Eye

If fall style after 50 had an official color no doubt it would be orange. And if fall had an official temperature, no doubt dressing for it would be so much easier! However, Autumn is mercurial: some days warm, some days cool.

Today in my sweet home Chicago it is breezy and a little brisk with a high of 61 degrees. However, come Wednesday the temps will rise to 78°. Admittedly this makes dressing for the season a bit challenging. Hence the concept of fall transition! It’s a time when our minds start thinking of the delicious jewel tones that fall brings but our bodies aren’t sure if we need to wear a sweater or a t-shirt. I guess it’s to be expected. After all darlings, Mother Nature is a woman, so it’s only natural that she keeps us guessing. 🙂

Fall style after 50

Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite outfits. It’s not quite as classic, in terms of styling, as some of my favorite looks, and yet, it has earned a spot on my best-dressed list. I think it’s because the color and the pattern are quite artistic and I’ve always had a soft spot for creativity.

This beautiful tangerine and ivory dress is by Alexander McQueen. I love the vibrancy of the colors; it’s almost as if I can’t help but smile as soon as I don this fancy frock.

Fall style after 50

The bracelet is Hermes and some of you have probably read the story countless times, but for those who have not, my ultimate concierge gave me a Hermes bracelet every time I received a cancer-free CAT scan after my battle against cancer began more than a decade ago.

For 10+ years, since my diagnosis and surgery, I have endured a multitude of CAT scans. My husband has accompanied me to every appointment.

Each visit to the CAT scan floor, followed by an elevator ride to the 7th floor for an appointment with my surgeon for the results, for me, was and is a terrifying experience. After passing with flying colors the first CAT scan of now more than twenty, my husband decided we should celebrate. That day he picked out my first Hermes bracelet. He put it on my wrist and said, “This bracelet has meaning. It is a full circle with no breaks. We are forever together on your journey.”

This began a custom. After each successful CAT scan, he would march me over to the Hermes shop, choose a bracelet with my input, at times, and then take me out for lunch to celebrate my survival or as he would say, “our survival.”

I am emotionally attached to my jewelry collection of Hermes bracelets, wearing one almost every day or night. Each one is weighted with intense emotional feelings. Love. Survival. Hope. Gratitude.

Fall style after 50

The shoes are Valentino, and as many of you know, I still have quite a passion for high heels. I’ve had many of my readers comment that at our age we should wear more comfortable shoes but I can assure you I am very comfortable in my high heels. And, as I often say when it comes to style, I believe it’s essential that you do you! If sneakers are your thing more power to you and if you are still wearing stilettos well after 50, then kudos to you as well.

As I said in my Facebook LIVE last week, fashion may be about clothes and accessories but STYLE is about who you are on the inside and the way that you present that to the outside world. No one — and I mean no one — can dictate your style. The rules to embracing fall style after 50 are simple… wear what works for you.

Fall style after 50

The earrings are Van Cleef. Is there a story behind them? There’s always a story, darlings but I’ll save that one for another day.

I am lucky to have some beautiful pieces by talented designers but let me assure you that you can feel gorgeous and select styles that look wonderful on you at any price point. Need help? Let’s talk! I’d love to hear about your sense of style, and if you have fashion struggles, I’d love to help also. After all, that’s what girlfriends are for.

What’s your take on fall style after 50? Please share your thoughts either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. I wanted to comment on your haflinger slippers. Last year suffering from plantar fasciatis I was unable to bear any weight. A kind salesman at Becker Shoes in Orillia,Ontario suggesyed I try Haflinger. Miraculously,I was able to walk and weight bear. Haflingers are not only cozy but therapeutic. You did not mention this important fact in your last column. btw when I email you in this way I have never gotten an answer.

  2. I love that dress-so pretty and cheerful. I live out in Boone County, so I too have been experiencing the ups and downs of our changing weather here in northern Illinois. It is often tricky to dress, just because it may be hot, but I’m certainly not putting on my summer clothes. Congratulations on your continuing recovery. I just recently discovered your blog, and find it entertaining and informative.

    1. Welcome to Honey Good. I am so happy to have you. Please sign up for MOXIE on my sight. It is going to be great. Warmly, Honey

  3. Honey I adore you and your words! I am a fingertip away from turning “60”, and I still dress for the younger me. I wore medical scrubs for over 30 years and when I retired I swore to never wear them again. I dress feminine for my daily walks, dress for shopping or just playing house. I dress to be happy inside and out. My family appreciates my style too. The sad part is when I meet other older women on my walks I always get “the once over eye glance “ . It is truly annoying. It is so sad that aging woman think they need to dress and act their age. I have never been happier in my life. Thanks for helping other ladies be content with who she is and just keep putting on the ritz!

    1. I totally agree! I am 58 and I wear what makes me feel good, not what other people think a woman my age should wear. I love many of the brands Honey mentions, and recently I’ve wanted to also start exploring new brands because every time I see my daughter she is wearing such beautiful pieces from places I have never heard of! A friend of mine told me about this new website dedicated to women our age (finally!) and they feature new brands each week that so far I have really loved. I would have never discovered these brands at the department stores where I typically shop! Website is Thought I’d share with you too in case you’re a shopping addict like me!

      1. I am not a shopping addict. I am a binge shopping addict. I am so busy I forget to shop and then all of a sudden I get this feeling and I must admit, I make up for lost time. I am smiling. Send the link to the site, please. Warmly, Honey

    2. Continue to “Put on the Ritz.” I will continue doing it right alongside you. Let them look. Let them talk. Continue to be the ‘you in you.’ We are visible women. Right? Warmly, Honey

  4. I realllly enjoyed this segment..all are Great..But this one..WOW. I agree, whole heartedly..”do you”..God created all of uniquely and Masterpieces of His handiwork..After each one He “broke the mold” no clones, no duplicates.. Yeahhhh..😂😇 “my age,” Noooo I should not be wearing slides and sneakers everyday.(not my style). Society.. Says…….who is Society? I love to wear heels, especially with jeans..cute tanks and blazer.. 70’s blocked a matter of fact..

    Jewelry..mostly costume. But love the bangles.. and pins.

    Again..Thank you..for being you….😊.God Bless

  5. Love your style, Honey. I’ve always dressed very classical throughout my career, and now that I am retired most of the year (I still work in tax prep January to April), I find jeans, jacket and classic top or blouse, with sandals or boots, and always jewelry suit me. Some ask why do I go thru the trouble, just throw on a sweater and jeans. I feel better personally when I “dressed”. I am 69.

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