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Today on Ask Honey – Do You Want to Become a Blogger?

becoming a blogger with my late pooch, Orchid

Becoming a Blogger

I regret making three major life mistakes. I knew beforehand the consequences would not lead me down the path of still waters. The first major mistake I made was at 20-years-old. The second major mistake was at age 24, and the last major mistake was at 48-years-old. These mistakes were emotionally draining and what perturbs me most about my third mistake is it was the same mistake I made at age 24! The cause of my last two ‘biggies’ was the result of putting other people’s feelings above my own. Looking back on my life I am thankful I did not dwell on my mistakes. My errors in judgment did not prevent me from moving forward and living a delightfully full life. How do I know? I became a blogger.

The Joy of Blogging

I am a blogger who fears not showing her vulnerable and authentic side. Over time I have come to realize that blogging was the greatest gift I unintentionally gave myself!

When I began my blog I was a novice. I had no training in writing. And I knew nothing about the Internet. I was green, as they say. My voice followed no pattern of instruction from a teacher or a professor. My writing was organic and honest; authentic. I wrote and continue to write what I live.

Over time, much time, I had a pleasurable awakening. Because I walked the walk and talked the talk, I put the true pieces of the puzzle of my life on paper. I did this unwittingly. And, I wasn’t writing for myself, I was writing for you!

Today, I see my past in a totally different light. This happened because I blog. I recognize the influence my relatives had on my life. I understand why I have empathy as well as compassion for others and a quiet strength. And, I understand my weaknesses. I realize every negative experience I endured led me to a positive outcome. And though painful at the time, taught me lessons that are mine to own.

Honey Good 2013 - How to Start a Blog
Me back in 2012 when I started!

Why Blog?

You will learn so much while giving back to others. You can bog about a hobby that others will desire, you can blog about anything that interests you and that you want to share. Or you can begin writing a blog for your children and grandchildren that will also give back to other children and grandchildren. As well, you can discuss suicide, widowhood, mother/daughter relationships, drug addiction, loneliness… anything! I know this sounds very dramatic but it is how I feel. Blogging is a miracle you give to yourself and others.

The Internet

Life is no longer as we knew it. Gone are the good old days. Enter the new; the Internet. Our lives are now ‘online.’ And, it is going to become larger and larger. Be ahead of the curve. You have the time. Trust me, you will need the time! And trust me, it is not easy. It will open a whole new world to own your own Internet site.

You can start out as I did. With zero education on the Internet and no writing experience, I decided to try my hand at writing when a writer told me if I kept a journal for three months and never missed a day writing, I WOULD FIND MY VOICE. I am telling you what the writer told me.

I am a bit of a drama queen (I love drama!) and I am so exceptionally curious. So, I decided to try my hand at writing. Why? Because I was bored with my busyness. I followed the writer’s advice and I kept an online journal and never missed a day in three months of writing down my thoughts. I wrote about my grandmothering experiences, my pooch, Orchid, my Ultimate Concierge, and my travels. After three months my closest friend, Gail, asked me what I was going to do with my 9 billion words! I told her I didn’t know. She told me I should put my stories on the Internet.

My reply, “THE INTERNET! I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE INTERNET!” Well, darling, she peaked my fancy and I learned. And, so can you. And, your fancy will be peaked, too. You will not be bored for a second! You will be frustrated, proud, and love that you are giving back to others and unwittingly to yourself. Trust me, I know.

I Know You Want to Know My Regrets

I know, like all of us women, you want to know my regrets. So, I will share with you two of them and save one for the future! My last two regrets were moving to communities I knew before I moved I would never feel the joy of contentment. And, isn’t that what life is all about? To be content. I did not listen to my heart. It knew.

Did it cost me dearly? It depends on how you look at it.

My first uncomfortable move led me to reach for the stars in charity work. I learned from scratch how to throw very large events and how to fundraise for causes I held dear to my heart. And, I was not paid, I was a volunteer. So, I gave back, and I was all of 24. My work brought me joy and knowledge in the field of fundraising and events. My past volunteer work played a huge role several years later when I became the head of a large charity for the State of Hawaii and ultimately went on the Western region board of America for the charity. Again, I was a volunteer.

I would not have owned an Internet company,, or become a writer if I had not consented to my second move. My life in the community was filled with busyness that did not light a fire under me. I ventured off into the unknown and filled my days with unexpected joy, total frustration, and a sense of pride in my accomplishments. Though, truth be told, I rarely think of my accomplishments because I am too busy working.

Would I consent again to other people’s needs rather than my own? Would I avoid listening to my heart? Never again.

So, darling, two marvelous adventures, and one truth came out of two huge mistakes. See, it’s like I told you. Every negative has a positive!

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I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it helps you start your own new adventure!

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  1. You are such an inspiration!
    I’m not sure how much of what happens in my life I would want to share with others . Also, how others would feel if they are written about.
    I learn so much from your writings .
    Thank you for your wisdom .

    1. I understand how you feel on both counts.I have gotten in trouble!!! Sometimes for no reason, sometimes because I decided I had to take a stand, sometimes to call out a bad quality in people like women bullies. It was all worth it except when family members got upset with me for no reason. Everyone should do what their heart tells them to do while taking into account the feelings of others. As far as sharing your thoughts…some of us can and some of us cannot. If you cannot, consider keeping a personal diary. Warmly, Honey

  2. Honey, you are an amazing woman! I love reading your blogs!
    I enjoy how you share your life, with your readers. I think your new hairstyle is fabulous! Have a blessed day! Gayle

    1. I have had to learn my lessons as I travel the road of life and it is important to me to share them my hard learned lessons in an authentic manner. Thank you for your compliment. I am smiling and grateful. Warmly, Honey

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