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two seniors dating and having a great time

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dating For Seniors

Dating for seniors is not an easy task.

While dating for people over 50+ is something they know very well, they are still somewhat distanced from actively dating simply due to the fear of the unknown.

However, there are those who are well aware of the online dating system as well as dating websites. Of course, unlike young adults and their dating habits, senior dating means finding someone who will be respectful and trustworthy. They want more than someone who is attractive. If you are wondering about senior relationships and you wish to learn a couple of relationship advice tips, continue reading!

Character Over Appearance

If you have ever visited Tinder or have an account there, you might have noticed how important someone’s appearance is. While Tinder is the most popular dating application in the world right now, for seniors it does not seem to be the case. There is a big amount of seniors you can easily find on Tinder, but not as much as you would expect at all.

Older adults are reasonable when it comes to the appearance of their partners and dates. They are aware of the fact that the appearance of someone does not guarantee they are a good person or a person worthy of their love. As well, as we age, we tend to realize that looks are not just on the outside, but how we are in that world that’s important. People need substance and character.

First Impressions Are Important

Most seniors will always trust first impressions. They have been through many things in life and they are well aware of how people can be. To not hurt themselves over and over again, seniors have often found trusting their instincts and the first impression is key. No one needs to go on several dates with someone to figure out whether they are a decent person or not.

Seniors dating and having dinner

Dinner Over Drinks

If there is anything young adults differ from older adults in, it’s the fact that seniors would much rather have a lovely dinner with their dating partners than actually meet up at the bar. It is believed this preference comes from the idea of constantly eating alone, which is usually the case with seniors who feel lonely.

Eating alone is never a fun thing and if given a chance, older adults would love to always have someone to eat with and have a nice chat. Also, drinks can be too casual, dinner is a more serious affair.

Age Does Not Matter, It Is Only A Number

According to statistics found online, seniors are not extremely picky when it comes to the age of their potential partners. And they know it is never too late to love either. While young adults base a lot around age and appearance, seniors take time for things more important than that.

It is believed that seniors are not very fond of the filtering options found on various websites. And, they do not care as much about age when meeting their dates. Instead, seniors care about the health of their dating partners as well as their activity levels.

Saying ‘’I love you’’ Takes Much Longer To Say Than It Does For Younger People

In today’s world, ‘’I love you’’ has become a regular thing to say. It is somewhat losing its meaning the more we get to hear it. Unlike young adults, seniors do not tend to say these words so fast. ‘’I love you’’ are just not the words they say when they feel like they only ‘’like’’ someone. To seniors, ‘’I love you’’ actually has a much deeper meaning and it is not something that is said easily.

two seniors dating while smiling

Trust Is The Most Important Thing When Dating A Senior

Dating for seniors is based on the trust they have for that special someone. Without trust, no date will ever turn out well. Being older and having a fixed income is not an easy thing, especially knowing there are many people out there who would love to take advantage of it. It is important they know who they date and trust them fully before anything else.

Online Dating Is Not So Easy

Seeing how shallow young adults can be when it comes to the appearance of their dates, and seeing how many shady people there are online, seniors tend to find it hard to fit into the whole idea of online dating. Of course, there are those who have been dating online for quite a while and those who already know about their favorite dating sites. However, it usually takes a while for them to get used to the whole idea of meeting someone online and then potentially dating them after.

two dating seniors smiling

Image Credit: seniordatingexpert.com

Not Every Senior Wants To Tie The Knot

While younger adults look for someone they could consider their soulmate, seniors tend not to think about it that way. Most seniors have already been through a divorce. They have children and are mainly looking for fun and someone to talk to as well as a partner.

Patience Is Extremely Important

Impulsive behavior is not a trait of a mature person. On the contrary, seniors are usually very patient people and they do not like dealing with impulsive people themselves. This does not mean they will patiently wait for you 3 hours if you are late. This means they will understand if you need time to think about something. Or, time to open up about certain topics that may make you feel awkward.

Spending Time With Partners In Real Life

People over 50 prefer to spend time with their partners in real life. And, if they cannot, they will at least want to have a phone call with them. It is extremely important they can hear or see their partners, otherwise, they tend to feel down and left out. Of course, when it comes to the communication itself, most people will prefer having an actual conversation while sipping on a cup of tea, then chatting via their laptops or smartphones.


Seniors have been through a lot of things in life and they have experienced a lot more than most young adults have. There is a proper reason for everything a mature person does. Dating can be a scary thing for anyone, but as we’ve seen and experienced, it is much harder as we get older. Take your time while dating, enjoy the time meeting new people, and most of all, be safe.

Have you been actively trying to date as a senior? If so, we want to hear from you! Let us know your experiences in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

About the author: Aisha Mynn is a Creative and SEO writer who has been writing for DoULikeSenior.com for quite a while. If there is anything she is passionate about, it is writing and arts.

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June 15, 2020


Dating For Seniors: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About

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