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Chic Style: Black and white outfits for women over 50

I’d like to think I live a colorful life, darlings.  And, when it comes to fashion, I’m certainly no shrinking violet. You know how I feel about being visible at our age, right?   With all that said, there’s just something so chic about black and white outfits for women over 50. And while I would say that I typically wear colorful combinations, a well-styled black and white outfit, paired with a pop of color if one so desires, is simply timeless.

Just in case you still need convincing, this week I rounded up some stunning ebony and ivory outfits worn by even more stunning women over 50. Get inspired, darlings, by these black and white outfits for women over 50!

Hillary in black and white outfits for women over 50
Image via Instagram, @silverstorm777

Meet Hillary. She is a print, runway, and fitness model and of course, she’s over 50… and she looks fabulous! I just adore how she’s paired a black top with white jeans. You must admit, wearing white on your bottom is the ultimate way to display confidence!  Although we can’t see exactly which accessories she’s pairing with this ensemble, one could add color in a myriad of ways. I think I would love to see this look with my favorite yellow backpack or a bright red clutch.

Iris Apfel sports a black and white outfit for women over 50
photo via Instagram. @iris.apfel

This is Iris Apfel and, for those who don’t know, she’s a true fashion icon. She also happens to be an interior designer, so it’s not surprising that her style, from home to clothing, is always on point. Iris is frequently photographed in black-and-white and, or so it seems to me, she complements every outfit with an abundance of accessories. I love a woman who appreciate the “more is more” mantra 🙂 This particular photograph is from Kate Spade’s Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign.


Honey Good discusses black and white outfits for women over 50


Honey Good discusses black and white outfits for women over 50

Next up… me! I am beyond thrilled to have a reason to share this outfit. I just adore it! It does tend to draw attention thanks to the stunning image on the front but, as I mentioned, I love to be unique in my style and I don’t mind if people look my way. Typically, an outfit like this strikes up many interesting conversations. I added a “pop” of color via one of my favorite hues of Chinese Red lipstick. And, yes, I do declare… you can proudly sport bold lips at any age!

Are you a fan of black and white outfits for women over 50? Which look is your favorite? Do tell! You can comment below or connect with me on FacebookTwitter and even Instagram. Let’s talk!

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