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Celebrating Mother’s Day During COVID-19

“You can be alone and not feel forgotten.

You can be with others and feel forgotten.”

– The Moral of this Story

Honey shares her mother's wisdom and life lessons

An Unexpected Phone Call

My phone rang early morning a few days ago. I always answer, “Good Morning!”
And, my good morning turned out to be a perfect morning! It was Bruce and Jenny – otherwise known as one of my sons-in-law’s and one of my daughters.
Our phone conversation was loving, caring and what families do for one another… protect one another at all costs!

COVID-19 & Family Love

They, “We know you are leaving Palm Springs to return to Chicago. We are worried about COVID-19 and we want you to move in with us instead of flying to Chicago. And, the frosting on the cake… We will all be able to celebrate Mother’s Day together!”
My son-in-law said, “Mom, I will fly out to Palm Springs; drive one of your cars to Arizona and Shelly will drive the other and the trucker will eventually drive them to Chicago when you decide to return home.”
These are the words every mother dreams of hearing. When I heard their words my instinct, my heart, said yes! Unfortunately, I knew I was on a short-lived high because I knew.
So, I felt my heart sink… I would not be going to Arizona. I also knew the memory of their words would always remain in my heart.
My Ultimate Concierge wanted to fly home to my once beautiful Chicago. We had plane reservations and over the past few days he had repeatedly said to me, “I will feel safe in Chicago.” I did not want to touch those feelings. I knew better.

Celebrating Mother’s Day During COVID-19

After we hung up I took a shower because, Darlings, I do some of my best thinking under my rain forest shower head. Standing under the warm cascading water, I closed my eyes because I knew invariably something amusing or compelling would enter my mind.
I began to think of families around the world separated because of the Coronavirus. I began to think about Mother’s Day and how I could turn the tables on my 26 grands and children this Mother’s Day and thank them for being such great children and grands. And, I am going to do just that.
I began to think of past celebrations that I could relate to the virus, and a Mother’s Day 3-years-ago popped into my head because it reminded me of COVID-19. It was a Mother’s Day without our children and grands.

Alone On Mother’s Day 2017

I was amazed that my day, without family, turned out to be so heartfelt, filling my cup over with love and laughter. But, it did not start that way!

I was not looking forward to Mother’s Day that year. I felt emotionally ‘lonely’ the entire week because I knew I would not be sharing Mother’s Day with my family. My daughter, Jenny, and grandson Robbie, often drive into Palm Springs from Arizona and L.A… But Jenny was leaving for Europe. Robbie, just married, was spending the day with his new family. I thought about flying into Chicago to be with my mother but my mom and I decided we would celebrate the following week upon my return to Chicago for the summer. The rest of our gang is scattered across America, thanks to the inventors of the airplane, Orville and Wilber Wright, I was really in a funk.

I thought about my daughters, Jenny, and Lizzie. Then I thought about our relationships as mother and daughter. I didn’t think about their love and devotion. Instead, I wondered, “What are my daughter’s innermost thoughts about me? Do they think I did all that I could raising them? Did their observations of my actions as a mother, wife, and a woman set the right example for them to want to emulate?”

May 10, 2017 – Mother’s Day

May 10th arrived. My husband brought me coffee and a sweet roll with a Mother’s Day card sealed with a kiss. After reading the card and thanking him, I said:

“The phone hasn’t rung yet?”

“Don’t worry everyone will call you!” was his reply.

“Well, it is 10:00 am and the phone’s not ringing,” I replied.

Just then the phone rang!

Good morning!” I said in a cheery voice.

 My grandson, Scott Good, was calling from Austin, Texas.

“Hey Honey, Happy Mother’s Day! What’s up? What are you doing today? What kids have you heard from?”

After answering his first three questions I answered his last with…

“You are my first call.”

Your first call and you have twenty-six Grandchildren? I can’t believe it! No one’s called you yet!?” he cried in disbelief.

I felt a twinge in my heart and then went on to say:

“Well, you did! Your telephone call makes me very happy and I’ll remember you were the first to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.” We hung up saying, “Love ya.”

Shelly and I left home within the next hour to meet our lonely parents’ club friends for brunch at a location that did not allow phones. No way was I going to leave my iPhone at home! What if one of the family called or texted? I would put my phone on vibrate and place it next to me on the table. And I did just that.

Not long after, my phone began to vibrate and text messages and e-mails started pouring in. The grands were calling! The grands were e-mailing and texting…. the grands remembered! During the course of the day, each of my grandchildren remembered their Honey.

I was very happy. Their messages were adorable and loving and I was in 7th heaven.

However, nothing from my daughters! It was after 4:00 pm.

“Oh well!” I thought to myself. “They’re still living on Hawaiian Time!!

My girls were raised in the Hawaiian Islands where being on time was definitely not the norm! In Hawaii, fifteen minutes late was considered “on time.”

“Maybe that is why I have not heard from them today,” I thought to myself.

I decided I would sit down at my computer, check my emails, and write a story. So, I opened my inbox. I saw two emails from my daughter, Jenny! The first arrived at 9:33 am. The second explained that she had accidentally sent it to my old email address! Her 9:33 am e-mail was attached.

“She was on time!” I smiled to myself, as I clicked onto her email.

An Email That Made Me Smile

Dear Mom,


I hope you have a very happy day!!!

When I think about the times we shared together… I smile, laugh, cry, ponder, and think…introspectively.

The “good “ examples you have taught me over the years coupled with your wisdom are treasured.

Time has gone by quickly.

Life has been so happy, so joyful and exciting, as well as disappointing and difficult.

I teach my kids that there is always sunshine and rainbows after the rain… your sentence to me, mom, and from my personal perspective and observation growing up in Hawaii.

You have always been an optimist, a doer, and a woman who is admired for your strength and tenacity in life.

I wish you a happy and healthy Mother’s Day and an exciting adventurous year to come.

With lots of LOVE and APPRECIATION for having me, raising me and teaching me about love, life, and fashion!

Your Jenny

I immediately laid my fingers on my keyboard to express my thoughts to my firstborn daughter. I will share one paragraph. And, I softly, cried.

“I, too, treasure you. I have adored and loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you on January 7th. When the baby nurse handed you to me it was as though I had held you all of my twenty years. Your blue eyes looked up at me and I promised myself I would love and protect you forever. I wish I could have spent every day of the last several years by your side. We would have laughed together, learned together, argued with one another but always LOVED each other.”

After finishing my email to Jenny, the phone rang.

“Did you receive my resent email mom?” she asked.

“Yes, just now. I was just about to call you. I sent you an email back.” We talked for a long time after that.

I then wondered why I hadn’t heard from my other daughter, Lizzie!

After all the years of being a mother and a grandmother, I get the picture. You give your children their roots and then… their wings. They are busy with their families. And Lizzie has 8 children, plus a husband, one bird, two huge turtles that I gave my little grandsons that grew into huge turtles (who knew) and two dogs!

At 8:00 pm my cell phone rang. “MOM…Happy Mother’s Day! The kids were celebrating me all day, Mom. I am exhausted and I have not had a moment to just sit down and call you to talk. But I know you understand. I love you, Mom. Did you get my card and gift?”

“I am so happy you called! No! I did not get your card and gift! I am so glad you had a wonderful day.”

“Go out to your mailbox and check, mom!”

The gift was in our mailbox! I had not picked up our Saturday mail.

I ran out to the mailbox. Sitting down with the package in my hand, I put my phone on speaker and carefully opened and read a beautiful and loving card in her handwriting. I then opened my present. It was a small translucent porcelain dish with three words written in script that said: “I Love You.”

“Thank you, my darling daughter. You were my last call of the day, Lizzie, but the words written on your gift are the first words every mother wants to hear: I love you.”

After chattering for a while, we said our goodbyes.

And last but never ever least, earlier in the day my third daughter Jami, (my daughter-in-law) phoned. We spoke forever. We always do. I just love her.

A Last Thought on Mother’s Day 2017

Lying in bed that night I felt charmed. Reflecting on my day without my family turned out to be more than I could have dreamed possible. Each member of my clan made it happen. They didn’t forget to remember. I am blessed… and forever grateful. I am smiling!

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How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Thank you for being such a delight !
    My Mother’s Day are always filled with love from my family and for that I know I am very blest.
    You are a inspiration to all of us, thank you for being so transparent.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with your readers.

  2. Good Morning Honey! Happy Mother’s Day to you. I will be spending Mother’s Day alone (but not lonely). Since my youngest daughter lives in Georgia and my oldest in Hawaii I am unable to be with either one of them. My youngest called this morning, and like your story, I had not gotten my mail on Saturday so my gift was in the mailbox. She said she will call again when my teenage grandsons are awake and able to talk to me. Kanani is the most thoughtful and kind daughter and a wonderful mom. Since Hawaii is five hours earlier than FL, I’m sure I will be hearing from my oldest daughter, granddaughter and grandson later today. I am so blessed to have adopted my girls over 50 years ago.

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