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The Ten Best Vintage Skincare and Beauty Tips to Try Today

10 Best Vintage Skincare Tips That Still Work Today

Today’s post reviving vintage skincare tips and tricks (that actually work) was written by Chris Barry. If you were around for these product ads in magazines, you’ll love reminiscing, and if you weren’t, you’ll find your new favorite tips to help you age gracefully and maintain that youthful glow. Enjoy, darling! You have plenty of […]

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image of Honey and Shelly Good holding a gift wearing holiday makeup as honey shares her favorite lipsticks for women over 50

Holiday Makeup That Shines Over 50: Lipstick Edition

Here come the busy winter season, just the time to perk up your holiday makeup. Here I show you just what to wear to a holiday party after 50. Now let’s talk holiday makeup, more specifically, the best lipsticks for women over 50. Mature lips may be every bit as alluring as their younger counterparts, […]

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