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The Buzz: Have you been to the movies lately?

Everything seems to be movies, movies, movies these days, darlings with all of the awards shows ramping up. The Golden Globes was last week and I was so happy to see that “The Shape of Water” took home two awards including Best Director. I highly recommend the film. Awards season is great for people watching! Who doesn’t love a good red carpet with all of those gorgeous dresses. 

My obsession with royals also continues after “The Crown” and there was a very interesting tidbit about WWII that came out this week. Apparently to protect against the crown jewels being stolen by Nazis the royal family hid some of the key jewels in a cookie tin and buried it! You can read the whole interesting story of the cookie tin jewels here in People Magazine.  

How do you all feel about the Olympics? I am very patriotic so the Olympics is just a time for me to be so proud of the USA! The Olympics will be starting in early February and there is already a lot of buzz around them. Glamour put together a very interesting story on nine groups of women who will be competing in the Olympics. They included the bobsled team and a paralympic skier. All of them of them are so very inspirational which is the best part of the Olympics. Being so proud that these incredible people are representing you! Take a look at the story here.

In another fun story Cosmopolitan put together 19 facts about figure skating outfits and some of them were so interesting! They can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 and a lot of big designers help contribute to the costumes. They even have special underwear to avoid wedgies. You can read all about figure skating costumes here.

On the makeup front, Glamour examined Pinterest and came up with the most popular mascara. It is Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. We have written about the product in the past. If you are in the market for a new mascara it’s definitely one to try out because of its unique hourglass brush shape. You can read the story on the product here.

And finally, dear readers, I learned a little something about health this week. Readers Digest wrote about a study in which researchers examined what actually helps prevent memory loss and above all else what they found was memory loss can be staved off with two days of exercise a week. You can read all about the study here.

I hope you are using this weekend to relax and unwind.

January 13, 2018


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  1. Bee Fussell says:

    Please give a “shout out” to one of the best, if not the best movie ever, “The Greatest Showman”. I expect to see it as a Broadway Priduction in the future! Love Hugh jackman!

    • Anne Ryan says:

      I’ve heard wonderful words about this movie. Our 11 Year old granddaughter shared the music with me last Friday evening. WOW! It is a must see.

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