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The Buzz: Let’s Radiate Happiness

Happiness comes in many forms, but the most important thing to recognize is that that we have absolute control over our happiness. It really can be that simple.  

Life may throw us unexpected curveballs and even loss, but as long as we continue to believe we have it within ourselves to change how we react to unpleasant or uncomfortable situations, as well as to survive the most challenging ones, then we hold all of the power.

Remember, we can usually turn a negative situation into a positive one with an attitude of gratitude. 

So go out in the world this weekend and share love, spread happiness, and radiate joy. After all, happiness is contagious!

Speaking of happiness, today I’m happy to share another week in review…

The Week in Review

Three Dating Mistakes Over 50

Honey Good contributor, Lisa Copeland, wasn’t always good at dating. In fact, back in the day when she was clueless about finding love, she made some major dating mistakes that genuinely kept her from finding the right guy for a very long time.

This week, Lisa wanted to share three of her mistakes with you today because once she recognized what they were and stopped doing them, well…. her life with men and finding love after 50 changed BIG TIME!

Are you making the same mistakes she was? Find out here.

What Kind of Arrangement Are You?

Recently, I was reading an interview that Brigitte Macron, the French President’s wife, gave to a French magazine. In the article, she described herself as more than ‘a decorative vase of flowers.’ And, of course, that is true.

My immediate thought was how delightful and telling it would be to have a luncheon, and instead of playing cards after lunch, each of the women could try and depict her personality by painting flowers and then arranging them in a vase.

The colors the women would choose, the sizes and shapes of the flowers they drew, and how they arranged their flowers in their vases — free-flowing or very conservative — would all be elements which would help to tell each woman’s story.

But what effects could this type of experiment have on our female friendships? Read here to find out.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Honey

While a letter or heartfelt sentiment will no doubt make the biggest impression on Moms this Mother’s Day, if your budget allows for a little more sparkle, this week I rounded up a few of my favorite things.

From stylish sandals to elegant jewelry to luxurious bubble bath, there is a little something for everyone in my 2018 Mother’s Day gift guide. For those of you searching for the perfect way to show your appreciation to your favorite women — many of whom happen to be moms— here are a few Mother’s Day must-have gift ideas to inspire you!

Spring Closet Cleanse

It’s been said that trends come and go but style is timeless. This is so true!

I was sitting with a group of girlfriends recently discussing this topic because spring is in the air! And you know that means spring fashion, spring shoes, spring bags… and more! We readily agreed that we have all established our style; our look. But that does not stop us from wanting to add to our wardrobes. After all, darlings, we are gatherers by nature!

During our conversation I chimed in, “I have found that the classic pieces we have tucked away, or continue to wear, do come back into style!”

But what does it mean to capture personal style? This week I shared my thoughts on this topic. You can read all about them here.

How to Own Happiness

My ultimate concierge and I just arrived back in Rancho Mirage after spending a week in Dubai; it was our second trip in eight years.

My husband’s days were filled with meetings, as a past President of The International Real Estate Federation, whereas my days were filled with girlfriends and learning about the city of Dubai.

As a world traveler, Dubai is the first city I have visited whose logo and brand are based on happiness. I was very intrigued by this!  

Reflecting back on our trip, I realized the example their city is setting has great significance for all of us. Find out why here.


How do you spread happiness to those around you? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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