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Meet Susan Good: Wife, mother, grandmother, writer, adventurous traveler, cancer survivor, fashionista….but most of all, GIRLFRIEND.  Her site, HONEY GOOD, reflects her upbeat philosophy of celebrating a woman’s life after 50, but, most of all, it is a forum for making her thousands of readers into her own GIRLFRIENDS.  She is the wise GIRLFRIEND you wish you had – dispensing advice on relationships, life’s joys (and sorrows), makeup, fashion, and living life to the fullest.  HONEY’S latest musings arrive daily in your inbox, a gift to be first anticipated, then unwrapped and finally savored.

Ellen Sack, The Barge Lady

Your eyes smile of a soul full of life that only time has brought you and yet you’re excited about what’s around the corner. That’s the epitome of ageing and your eyes say that about you.

Cindy Nuckols

Honey, you are such an inspiration to me in so many ways. As I read your daily posts, and as I plan and head toward my retirement, I find myself looking forward to the next chapter in my life, rather than dreading it, because you have opened up my mind and my heart to all the possibilities there are in the world, but mostly you have opened my eyes to the importance of relationships, including my relationship with myself. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the wisdom of other people–it starts my day!


I have recently retired (at 58) and although my husband and I do not have children, we do have dogs and we are enjoying all of the extra hours in the day to spend with them, family and friends. Your blog provides inspiration and ideas for me as to how to use this additional time to be more creative, helpful and purposeful.

Patricia from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Hi Honey! You inspire and give me hope!! I am struggling with this ‘age transition’ so much; you are a beacon of fashionable light to me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! xoxoxo


Honey you have made this just the most exciting adventure! It feels like we are starting a journey of friendship, growth, and learning together. It’s quite remarkable and I am delighted to be a part of it! Thank you so for making this such an exciting part of my day!!! I also want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to send me a lovely personal message. Extremely kind!!!! Thank you.

Jane Doyle

Totally LOVE your style and look forward to your posts and insights. You are truly a happy, content woman who knows how to maintain balance in her life. Your stories inspire and entertain. The good life belongs to those who seek it out, especially in the sunset years. I find I treat myself better now than I ever did in the past. My favorite expression is “Later is NOW”. It truly is. Why wait?


Dear Honey, thank you for your generosity, for sharing your stories that inspire me more than you can imagine! I look forward to reading your newsletters as soon as they come to me. Bless you & Sheldon for all the goodness you put out in the world…with warmest regards.

Kim B.

Your blog does so much good for all of us women. So grateful you are sharing. I also love your idea of staying visible and relevant.


Thank you for your time and all that you share . I really enjoy reading the blog. It is varied, topical and a lot of what you share resonates with me.

Irene from Perth, Western Australia

You are such a duchess of delight. I love your spirit and your stories…Go Honey!


When I came to this particular post you wrote about living in the past, I saw myself! I am newly retired, and was looking forward to it…however, I find myself not quite knowing what to do next. Your post helped me tremendously! Thank you so much — I look forward to reading more on your website and your new posts as well!


Thank you for all the great daily advice and stories. I really enjoy all the posts and reference past ones when I need you.


I came across your “musings” and read that you, too, have endured some heartache (we all do, of course), but you manage to always look so “put together” and with a smile on your face — looking at the cup as half full and not half empty. The fact is that a person only feels worse about everything if they don’t feel they look good. I think your musings helped get me thinking about that, and I am forever grateful and will remain a loyal fan!


Your stories are so inspirational.


You are so kind. That is the word that comes to mind when I read your blog. You were gracious, endearing, generous when I took the tour of your home. It was so like you! Welcoming your sisters into your beautiful surroundings. You have such generosity of spirit. I missed half of the tour for my computer went down but I so enjoyed meeting your wonderful husband, and darling dog. You inspire me to live more graciously in my own world. Thank you!


Well, you totally fascinate me! I look forward to your posts! You and your hubby are so cute. Your story is compelling, interesting and thought provoking. You should do a live thing, once a month and open it up for comments. That would be cool! Look forward to hearing from you.

Cindy M

This is a perfect subject…women need women in their lives. We also need to hear from others that may or may not feel the same about each of our passions. Thank you for caring.


Thank you for this post. It is easy to not see all the good and concentrate too much on the voids. My husband and I talked about this today. We are both more emotional at this stage of our lives when it comes to family separations and we need to rediscover the beauties you spoke about and find the inner peace with just the two of us. I love your perspectives.


I am such a fan. I look forward each evening to your latest post. You give amazing advice and just feel like a friend!Cheryl B. T.

Cheryl B. T.

Honey, You are an inspiring person, I adore your style, your wit and your manner. Thank you for your musings!


Thank you for such a beautiful uplifting blog! You are such a inspiration. Blessings


Recently started reading your blog. Really enjoying it. I decided to go back and read all your blogs since inception. Loved them. Love your style, clothes but more importantly that you put your marriage and “ultimate concierge” above all else. That needs to be instilled in our youth!


Thank you for validating women my age! You remind us that our life lessons have given us strength and resilience. I always enjoy your blog…

Susan Millard

Oh…Thank you so much…you are truly an inspiration…I went to my gal….showed her several of your pictures…and said “See…she gets it! She has her own style and her beauty that emanates from within…that is what I want….a style that reflects the essence of me…” We’re working on that…but I want you to know that through your blog and wisdom that you instill in all of us to be the best that we can be!!

Judy Gorman

Your blog is an inspiration, your grey hair and lines are from the experiences you have had along your journey and are to be celebrated! Thank you for being open to sharing your life’s story

Karen Brookshire-Jackson

It’s always wonderful to find an uplifting soul tribe! Women’s lives are enriched when we lift each other up! Thank you, Honey Good, for bringing us all together!

Diane Richards

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