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The Best Products & Tools For Your Makeup Routine

The Best Products & Tools For Your Makeup Routine

Fabulous beauty products and tools come in all shapes, sizes and price points. While some pricier products are worth every penny (like the skincare products in this story), other items need not be splurged on.

This week, I’ve rounded up the top beauty scrimps and splurges, all tried and tested by the Honey Good beauty bees. Have your own secret budget beauty buys or grooming splurges? Head over to Facebook and spill your secrets. You don’t have to tell your husband about your expensive face cream, but you do have a female obligation to share with us! 😉

Scrimp: L’Oreal Paris’ Double Extend Lash Extension Effect Mascara

Coming in at less than ten bucks, L’Oreal Paris’ Double Extend Lash Extension Effect Mascara is not only a true beauty bargain, it’s also an amazingly effective mascara. The appeal is the basecoat and tube technology.

First, you apply a white primer (one of the wands on the mascara) and then you go over it with the other wand which holds a “blackest black” mascara. The basecoat has tiny fibers that plump lashes up visibly while the tube technology means mascara comes off in clumps with warm water and not in streaks and raccoon eyes while you are still out on the town!

Splurge: Terracotta Bronzing Powder by Guerlain

You already know that the best way to glow is faux! At our age, we’re smart enough to limit sun exposure and wear SPF daily, right? But we still may want to look like we’ve spent a few hours sunning on a yacht, even throughout the coldest months of winter.

Guerlain’s bronzing powder is simply the best. After all, Guerlain launched the world’s first bronzer in 1984. The bronzer is a finely milled powder and features hydrating ingredients that contribute to its appeal, especially as our skin becomes drier over time. And like many things in life, the best isn’t cheap. It will set you back over $40, here.

Scrimp: Wet ‘N Wild Glassy Gloss Lip Gel

Do you love a glossy lip? I do, and that led to my discovery of this fabulous, oh-so-affordable lip gloss from, of all companies, Wet ‘N Wild. For just a few dollars, this ultra-glossy, sheer gel adds a hint of color to lips paired with glossy shine. I love two almost nude shades called “Glass Confusion” and “This Too Shall Glass.”

In fact, I frequently get compliments on how flattering this soft, shimmering gloss looks, although when it comes to admitting that I pay less than 5 bucks for it at the local drugstore, my lips are sealed. Snag one for yourself, here.

Scrimp & Splurge: Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer

I struggled with how to define Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer from IT COSMETICS. On the one hand, it’s not sold at drugstores but it is readily available at most Ulta locations. At $24 a tube, it’s not cheap, per se, but one tube will easily last you a year – that’s just 7 cents per use. No doubt about it, that’s a bargain!

So let’s not label this beauty find other than to call it fabulous. This award-winning, anti-aging, treatment concealer delivers on its promise to really cover imperfections with the help of anti-aging technology to treat the appearance of lines, wrinkles, discoloration, dark circles and more without settling into aforementioned lines and wrinkles. Call it a scrimp or call it a splurge, but whatever you do, don’t forget to call it yours!

Jenny Patinkin Lazy Perfection Petites White

Jenny Patinkin Lazy Perfection Petites White Makeup Brushes

Have you had your makeup brushes for years? It’s time for a (travel-sized) upgrade! Lazy Perfection Petites is a palm-sized collection of 5 vegan makeup brushes handmade for superior quality performance and portability. You might say these brushes are small but mighty, packed with 2.5x as many bristles into each full-sized brush head. The result of which is a super luxe velvety feel that delivers a controlled foolproof seamless application of creams as well as powders.

These brushes are so easy to use you almost don’t need to look in the mirror while you use them. Instead, they simply do the work for you. Grab a set for yourself or for someone on your list this holiday season!

What Are Your Beauty Routine Must-Haves?

Now that I’ve given you a peek into my makeup bag, the cheap, the chic and the pretty, I’d love a peek into yours!

What beauty products do you swear by, scrimp or splurge? Do tell in the comment section below or head over to Facebook here and join the conversation.

Do tell in the comment section below or head over to TwitterFacebookPinterest, or Instagram and join the conversation.

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  1. You should’ve included a “scrimp” Bronzer, too! There has to be a good private label brand at Sephora, a brand sold at Ulta or even a drugstore brand. Maybe a reader can recommend something. I use Bobbi Brown bronzer but would love to try a less expensive version.

  2. Living in the tropics means very little makeup but 2 of my favorites is Granier Gently Brighter Anti Puff eye roller, which I put on after putting on moisturizer and its sister, Garinier Clearly brighter anti dark circle. This I wear daily, even if I wear no other makeup. It goes on smooth & is light & blends in beautifully. Don’t remember the price now but eminently affordable.

  3. Dear Honey,
    Found your blog a few weeks ago and it is wonderful your words hit all the right cords and feelings! Keep up the good work! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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