The best bath products for women’s relaxation

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I’ve often mentioned my love for early morning showers. But once in awhile, when I really crave rejuvenation, I take a soothing swim… in a bubble bath, of course!

For all of us who need to escape, but can’t afford to hop on a jet and fly away, the bathtub is an affordable destination for relaxation and renewal. Just pick your favorite bath time accompaniments and soak up this luxurious escape.

Here are some of the best bath products to relax with.

Elizabeth W sleep mask

Elizabeth W

San Francisco based Elizabeth W’s bath and body collection serves up deluxe boutique bath products at their best. Offerings range from triple milled soap to delicately scented bath oil in Citrus Vervain, Magnolia, Sweet Tea and more, to Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion.

I adore the signature Magnolia collection starring bath salts, bath fizz, lotion, candles and more. And, if you use a sleep mask, this butterfly adorned one ($29) is perfection. Get ’em all online at

Booty Parlor

Traveling from delicate to devilish, I came across a saucy bathing collection from Booty Parlor, a company whose tagline “the beauty parlor for your sex life,” says it all. Is it a bit racy, dear readers? It is! And I do hope you have raciness in your life… I do! But that’s another story for another day.

My favorite is the bubble bath, aptly named Naughty Bubbles, which boasts pearlescent glisten beads that leave skin sparkling. Buy it online at; starting at $12.

 EO Salt Soak

EO Products

From California hails a Certified Organic bath and body collection called EO Products. The EO bath line is inspired by the idea of “mindful soaking,” the Japanese ritual of bathing which encourages relaxation and purification as an essential element in daily life.

Both EO’s Bath Salts and Bubble Baths are free of Sodium Lauryl, Laureth Sulfate and Paraben while featuring therapeutic amounts of essential oils such as Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood and Calendula. I like the EO Bath SaltSoak ($12.99 at, which combine solar and epsom salts with essential oils to soothe and purify, yet remain happily free of artificial colors or synthetic fragrances.

Lollia bubble bath


I adore the Lollia bath collection for its delicately scented bubble baths and shower gels.

One of my favorites is the Lollia Breathe Tranquil Bubble Bath, with peony, white lily and hints of fresh grapefruit and orange.

This luxuriously rich and beautifully perfumed bubble bath is housed in a delicate glass piece of art; a perfect gift for a special friend… like you!  ($34 at

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