My goal is to help you create a lifestyle of positivity and possibility. I am smiling!

– Warmly, Honey

Ask Honey: Speak Your Truth & Stay Positive

Today on Ask Honey, I talk speaking your truth, and how to take steps of positive action. 

I must speak my truth from my heart, and stay positive

Speaking My Truth

These quotes sum up how I feel living in Elsewhere:

“It is the best of times. It is the worst of times” – Charles Dickens.

I am, “Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered.” – Richard Rogers.

I know, as you know, it is always something. But this something we are living in is a corker. I try, try, try to weather this earth-shattering storm. I try and toss a grey cloud of anger, frustration, and loss of faith off my shoulders but the cloud only leaves when I am happily conversing with my family, my friends, acquaintances, and yes, strangers. Otherwise, the cloud lays either heavily or hovers over me where I feel it. Darling, I am almost sure you are feeling the same.

It was not COVID-19, or masks, or a change in my lifestyle that put me over the edge. Sure, like you, I was and am afraid but I do my best to weather the storm by keeping up with the news and following constructive rules.

Why Is My Cloud Grey?

The physical and emotional violence in my beautiful Chicago and across America, the algorithms of big tech listening and watching me as well as the disrespect and violence of some citizens are deplorable and frightening. I am losing control of my life and my cloud is dark, grey, and filled with fear and anger instead of fluffy and light as it used to be.

I asked my Internist last week, “If I contract COVID-19 and asked to be treated with hexachlorophene would my hospital give the drug?” He said, “No, these are trying times.” I was not surprised.

My Ultimate Concierge and I took the drug several times on our travels to prevent, Malaria. We were 100% fine. Now, a pill that could save my life would not be administered, even if I asked for it and signed a consent paper? It would not be given to me because some people in high places say it is not safe, but the same hospital tells me, “When you are in Vietnam we want you to take the drug, Hexachlorophene. It is not harmful.” Scary.

I am curious to a fault. How can I be interesting if I am not interested, darling! I am a walking encyclopedia of all types of knowledge (not Chemistry or physics!) I am so busy I am dizzy with my thoughts.

The Cure-All That Keeps Me Sane

People from all walks of life are making me, happy. They are filling my cup when it begins to empty. Yesterday, I went for my six-month dermatology check-up. I mentioned to the young girl, “I wish there was a cure for the spots on the front of my legs from too much sun.” I will never ever forget her answer. It was a lesson I learned and will use when necessary. She replied, “Love your legs.”

Last week I visited my Internist for a Shingle’s shot. We had taken the first one but could not leave our home for the second one so we had to start the process again. The nurse and I began talking about Amazon and cooking. By the time I was on my way out, she had copied four pages of products from Amazon for me, and as I left, handed them to me instead of a blood test report! We had the best time sharing ‘girl talk information’ with one another. I ordered everything. Darling, I have become an Amazon Queen.

The People In My Life

My close friend, Patti across the hall, America’s dog walkers, Alberto, Carmichael, and Danielle (whose love of animals are in kinship with my feelings), Ernie my favorite concierge who brightens each day and is almost as swell as my own Ultimate Concierge. The doormen and servicemen who talk politics and life with me. My friends Maria, Lori, Patti, Nora, and my friend Sue, who share all forms of girl talk, are all who I can count on who live in my building. I saw my friend Emilie for a moment who ran by saying, “I read your blog every day!”

Then there is the sea of my closest phone friends; Barbara, Sheila, and Gail. They would go to the end of Elsewhere for me. The waiters at the outdoor restaurants welcome me as a friend and everyone at Colette’s, where I have my hair and nails done are my friends. I love to Zoom with my cousins and Zoom with my new friends from GRANDwomen with Moxie (my private Facebook group.)

As well, I’m lucky to have dinner with friends at outdoor restaurants two to three times a week; it is a joy. Then there are my Honey Bees, at Honey Good. They have traits I so admire and respect. Susan never loses control. Ines has had to learn to have the patience of 100 saints and can concentrate with noise all around her, Kayla is young, steady, an author and writer and I get her. Right now, I could take a lesson from them because my patience is less than it was, my path is not steady and my self-control leaves much to be desired.

What Am I Doing For Myself?

A positive attitude is a good spice in life. The first step when a person feels their life is out of sorts or alignment is to face the facts and confront the situation in an honest manner. Do your homework, devise your plan, and then take positive steps of action. That is what I have done.

Steps of Positive Action

Thank you, darling, for listening to my woes. I feel better now that I have shared my authentic feelings with you. I also want to thank everyone I mentioned above and those I have not mentioned for touching my life. You have all enabled me to grow in many ways. I appreciate you all and hold you dear to my heart. Your abilities to make me feel stressless and happy are a blessing.

  1. I am starting beginners Yoga, which will help me fight off stress. And, I have already found my Yoga teacher, Nancy. I then researched the products Nancy told me I would need on The Strategist, one of my favorite sites. Then I went to Amazon and bought them. They are in my apartment. Here are some basics that I bought, that you may like to have for your own practice. I bought: 1 Bolster, 3 Blocks, 2 Straps, and 1 Mat. I would suggest a 1/4 inch mat if you need more cushioning. Try them out, don’t be afraid to return your mat until you find one that fits your needs and body.
  2. I am watching my favorite newscaster to keep me informed. Otherwise, I am off the air.
  3. I have put myself on incognito on Google on my iPhone. They cannot follow me. I am in the process of seeing what else I have the power to do.
  4. Then, I am going to have a discussion with Ines to learn how to be 1 Saint, not 100!
  5. I realize I will always speak my truth and I will not hold back. To some, it may seem I am losing control and should hold back. To speak my mind is being my authentic self. I will remain consistent and authentic and bold when I feel it is just.

That’s it for today, Darling. Watch your backsides (this is what I tell my Grands) and count your blessings.

What are your steps for positive action? Have you been speaking your truth? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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  1. Hi there, Honey. We all have down days. But feel comforted because you’re spreading warmth and connections through your articles and your zoom calls. And that makes other people feel better with their worries. So you’re doing all the right things and helping others.

    Stay safe and well


    1. What a lovely compliment. I am touched. Yes, we all have our imperfect days and even long lasting situations. I have learned to accept that which I cannot change and keep a little stone on my perfume tray that says, accept.As far as the my imperfect days I think. positive. See you, Wednesday!!! Warmly, Honey

  2. Hello Honey!
    Another inspiring blog from you! I think we’re all feeling exactly like you. This sure has been a strange year. I too am trying to stay positive and keep reminding myself of that phrase…this too shall pass. Hopefully, sooner than later! lol
    I think what bothers me is not knowing who or what to trust. The media and politics have run amok. They all seem to have an agenda and not for our best interest. So, I focus on my little space around me. I work in retail and see many people everyday. I try to make a positive influence wherever I can. One day I noticed a lady probably feeling just like we are. I complimented her on her beautiful blouse. Her face lit up! (I should say her eyes lit up behind the mask) Her whole mood changed. I think we’ve become numb behind these masks and just need a reminder that we’re still here.
    Thanks for all you do to help us in our everyday lives! It’s the little things that mean so much! Have a terrific Thursday! 🥰
    Mary Jane

    1. Thank you, Mary Jane. I know you felt as happy as you made her feel.I am voting DEMOCRACY over SOCIALISM. What we are watching, the violence in our cities that the Mayors and Governors won’t try and stop is ‘truth. We don’t have to listen … we have to watch. That they are all democratic cities shows me the truth. Heaven forbid for our children to live in a Socialistic America and not respect our flag or our Constitution.Stay safe and keep making other’s happy! Warmly, Honey

  3. I hear you. The best thing I have done for my mental health is to not listen to the news. I keep busy with my two dogs and my knitting and reading. Fortunately I am able to walk my dog safely where I am. Hang in there. This will end one way or another

    1. I hope it ends the right way. Democracy over Socialism. When I watch the disrespect many Americans feel about low and order, our American flag and our great Country I get terrified. I cannot believe what I am witnessing. I walk my dog, too and listen to the news once a day. I have faith freedom will win over Socialism. Stay safe. Warmly, Honey

  4. Thanks for the incognito Google tip. I just turned it on. Last night I was researching wool sneakers for a gift and within minutes my Facebook feed was flooded with shoe ads. Oi, the spying!

  5. Dearest Honey,

    As always, I love your blog and especially for today ! You are, “right on” !!!!!! I also have one friend who is a saint when it comes to patience ! I too will seek her advice when we get together next week. Thank you for the wonderful idea of incognito on google and iPhone. I’ll search, “how to”. I honor you for speaking your truth and not holding back. We need to heed the lessons of the past and not be silenced.

    Be well.

  6. Hi Honey. Thank you for your warmth and for reaching out to all of us with encouragement and good sense! As for me, in these crazy days, my life is filled each day with the watchcare and schooling of four energetic and hungry grandchildren who leave me little time for feeling down and out. When they go home at the end of the day, I still have little time to get down in my own thoughts, but it does happen. My best help comes from taking with God, thanking Him for His immeasurable love and mercy, for giving me a Savior Jesus, and for creating so much beauty in this world that I am blown away when I consider His oceans, beaches, woods, flowers, beautiful blue skies, the sweetness of a babies and faithful affectionate dogs! Yes, these are hard days, there is no doubt about it. But goodness and beauty abounds, and that is the real meaning of our lives here on this earth. Please keep encouraging us and friending us, Honey. You are a blessing.

    1. You are a very grateful woman. So am I. It feels so good. I also love nature. We are kindred sisters. Warmly, Honey

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