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It is my pleasure and delight to extend a helping hand when you find yourself wrestling with any type of situation. My desire is to be your friend from afar; to provide you with sound and genuine advice on topics from A to Z.

Do you know what you should say in a note of apology? Do you know the five-star Tour Group for solo travelers? Perhaps you have relationship problems with your family, friends or employer or employee? Do you wonder if you should go grey, how to make the right move to a new community, what to do with your life after retirement and a host of other questions.

My goal is to provide you with an answer or a provoking thought that will lead you into your answer.

GRANDwomen with moxie are secure enough in their own skin to reach out to other women for guidance and inspiration. This acknowledgment is not her weakness, it is her strength. That is the theme of Hear it From Honey.

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I have a Ph.D. in life. There is no greater teacher than one’s life experiences. Turning the pages in a book, in my opinion, does not teach a person how to handle life.
Life educated me to handle my many woes with grace, to feel grateful everyday, to be a resilient and fierce woman to my principles, to love and be empathetic, to appreciate nature, see problems as positive learning curves, lives happily outside the box on the sunny side of the street with my glass half full. I believe in the law of attraction.Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative.
My life experiences include widowhood, moving across the Sea with a small family, remarriage, blending a second family, battling cancer, handling suicide in our family, mother-in-laws and daughters in laws, disappointments with adult children; starting a business in my 60’s, learning technology, becoming an author; love beauty, fashion, decorating and entertaining, forming women’s groups; traveling the world; packing, betrayals from other women, facing ageism and the importance of staying relevant to feel visible.
I love to listen and learn from others, I love to question and live my life outside the box, my experiences are far reaching, I never let fear of failure stop me from trying something new. I enjoy spending time with people of all ages, races and religions. Curiosity drives me, I am spiritual and believe in the law of attraction. My family comes first. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, girlfriend, traveler, dog owner, nature lover, author, shopper and business owner and above all else I am humble and grateful.