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Appreciating The Noise of Silence

Have you wondered how many of your friends are 3:00 AM early birds? Have you thought about the amount of communicating you can accomplish in the early morning hours? I found out…a lot! I have a story with an inspiring quote (that I hope you will enjoy) at the end from my girlfriend, Penelope. I will never forget it.

Here is the story: In the middle of the night, around 3:00am I found myself wide-awake. I had jet lag. I climbed out of our bed, so as not to disturb my husband, curled up on the couch in the den with Orchid who of course followed me and started typing new emails and answering old emails to seven girlfriends.

I was killing time and knew this would save me an hour or so during the following day. After finishing, I closed my laptop, glad that I had finished, opened my Architectural Digest Magazine to scan the pages and within minutes I heard my computer go bing…bing…bing…bing…bing… bing…bing! I opened up my laptop and all seven girlfriends had answered! I couldn’t believe my eyes; they were all up and online! Smiling, I began to read and then…

I asked them in my next email, “why are you up?” All kinds of answers came back.

“I am nocturnal. I am up every night. Why are you up?”

“I have jet lag. This is going to last a few weeks. Why are you awake?”

“I have a back ache. It woke me. I can’t wait until 9:00 am to call for a massage.”

“I have houseguests coming and my mind is racing…where to go…what to do…”

“Call me and I will tell you!” (She is divorced.)

“My husband is snoring so loud so I am getting bags under my eyes from sleepless nights!”

In the course of the back and forth chatter between the six of us I was left with the seventh email and my question was answered with a profound answer. It was a quote from my girlfriend, Penelope. “I love the noise of silence.” Upon reading those five words, I felt my whole body relax! Why?

Alone in our silence we have the opportunity to listen to our “silent noise” as our mind churns out thoughts. For me, the “noise of silence” allows me to do some of my best thinking. It is hushed, yet forceful and reflective. It often can bring you into your answer. Pass this on to your friends in “a middle of the night!” Those that get it will remember it!

And, when you are burning the midnight oil I suggest you simply listen to your noise of silence.

Warmly, Honey

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