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A Penny For My Thoughts… And Yours

As we go through our days, lots of unexpected thoughts pop up in our minds.

We hear a song, and a memory of the past comes to the surface. Or, we listen to a newscaster gab or read an article and visualize a scene, and suddenly a thought occurs to us. Our minds ponder a million little snippets that drift in and drift out.

I thought it might be fun to review some of my ponderings; topics that popped into this busy head of mine during my non-stop day.

1. This week I listened to a newscaster do a commentary on the subject of why Millennials would rather have dogs than children. I thought about this…

After all, it is a lot easier to raise a pooch than a child. And, maybe these Millennials are facing the facts of life better than we did. We just had children without sitting down and figuring out the lifestyle that would best suit us. We did not take into consideration the financial burdens of child-rearing.

These Millennials sit down and weigh ‘everything.’ Here are some of the reasons these young adults prefer having a dog:
1. They think the world kind of sucks now.
2. They cannot afford a child and are prudent about incurring debts.
3. Buying a home or an apartment large enough to raise children is too expensive.
4. They don’t think they would make great parents.
5. They want their freedom to travel, and they even worry about their genetics.

Personally, I don’t think they are crazy or selfish. I think they are wise to think about the most important decision they will ever make outside of who they choose to marry. What do YOU think? I genuinely want to know!

2. I read an article that said women over 60 are happier in the workplace than younger women.

These women are happier because a woman’s mental health improves as she ‘grows up.’ Studies show that women in the 60+ age bracket are very happy campers unless they are beset with illness. Many are living alone and find going to work mentally stimulating and enjoyable. Thoughts?

3. Life after 100 was mentioned on television today. I knew how I would feel if, I live to have seen more than a century, because of my experiences with older women living to that age and beyond.

My mother has a beautiful friend who is 104 years old. They have dinner with their caregivers at least once a week. Though she has all of her senses, she is lonely and is in pain from ailments, and her hearing is almost negligible.

Her lifestyle is minimal; no movies or theatre, no shopping because ‘where is she going’ and the list goes on. Let’s live it up darlings and make the most of each day. It is all about our attitudes and our curiosity. Only time will tell how long our journey may last.

4. When the earthquake struck in Indonesia, I wondered about having different kinds of survival kits in our home. I came up with this:
A survival kit for fire; meaning the right products in our home.
A survival kit for hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.
How many of you have these types of kits in your homes and cars?

5. I sent a poem to my granddaughter who had Cancer surgery, and that led me to think about how a grandmother can share her personal bout with Cancer.

Honesty shared with grands is the best policy. I would not be stoic. I would be a realist and in a heartfelt manner, explain my thoughts and feelings to my grands.

I would make my story a lesson. I would teach them the importance of being honest with their feelings, as well as the greatest takeaway… to be proactive in taking care of their health.

I would hope to share the positive and negative affects Cancer has had on my life. (Yes, there have been both!) Are you a cancer survivor? How did it change you?

6. I listened to a program on loneliness.

Our population is filled with women living alone and lonely. It is quite astounding and epidemic in proportion to those living with others.

I know some of you are alone and sad and don’t know who to turn to or where to turn. If you are physically able to leave your home, your loneliness is in your control. In other words, your attitude. Everything is attitude, darlings. You know your DNA. What excites you? What interests you? What would make you feel good about yourself? Answer these questions in writing and then use your positive attitude and ACT.

Join a church or synagogue, join a charity group and help others, join a workout group, a travel group, a card group and even think about going back to school or signing up on MATCH. It is all about attitude. Not money. Focus not on what you CAN’T do and instead, choose to embrace what you CAN do.

Gotta rush, darlings. I have a FaceBook Live, a photo shoot and a pooch that has to go out! I am so busy, I am dizzy.

One more message…when you are so busy, you are dizzy or stressed to the nines, sigh first and then breathe. A deep, balancing breath, it is worth its weight in gold. I am breathing and blooming, even on the busiest of days. Join me!

P.S. If you missed my LIVE event you can watch it here.

A penny for your thoughts! I would love to hear your opinions on all of the above. Please do tell! I would so love to hear from you on TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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