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8 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Home This Summer

8 Easy Ways to Revamp your Home this Summer

As the weather warms up, a lot of people spend more time enjoying the summer breeze and relaxing with their families in the backyard. Summer is also the perfect time to get some projects done around the house. Keep reading to learn eight easy ways to revamp your home this summer.

Do a Summer Cleaning

We all know about spring cleaning, but summer is a great time to get a few more projects done—maybe some that you didn’t have time to get to during spring cleaning. Here are some quick and easy summer cleaning ideas:

  • Open up the windows, make sure they’re clean and opening easily. Then, keep them open to let some fresh air in.
  • Put away all extra blankets and pillows you no longer need during the warm months.
  • Take a dryer sheet and run it along the baseboards in your home for a powerful dusting/freshening combo.
  • Put away all seasonal decor.
  • Check the HVAC system in your home to ensure it’s working correctly before the temperature heats up too much.

Change Out the Lighting

When it’s cold, we tend to think of dimmer lighting like the glow of the fireplace or cozy winter candles. Summer, on the other hand, means brighter natural light and lots of sunshine. Summer is the perfect time to change out the lighting in your home. Try swapping out amber lights for bright white lightbulbs in as many fixtures and lamps as possible. Get rid of any bookshelves, drapes, and other items that may be blocking the natural light from entering your home. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, add a few mirrors to your space to reflect light.

Move the Furniture

Wintertime and summertime living are two completely different things. Winter is for cozying up and watching movies, having family gatherings for the holidays, and even holiday parties. In the summer, more time is spent outside. You can move the furniture in your home to prepare for summer. For example, throw down some comfy bean bag chairs to encourage chill summer afternoons spent reading, or move any times blocking windows so you can watch your kids play outside.

A new season is also the perfect opportunity to bring in some new, fun furniture pieces. Just make sure you do your research and read online furniture reviews so you can make sure you’re buying the best pieces for your family’s needs.

Add Some Invigorating Summer Scents

A great way to freshen up your home for the summer months is to bring in summer scents. You can choose between different candles and oils—whatever you prefer. Opt for citrus and floral smells for an instant mood lift. Coconut scents are a great way to instantly bring the beach to your home—and they will last all summer long!

Add Bright Pops of Color

Bring the sunshine inside by adding bright pops of color throughout your home—from throw pillows to tapestries; there are many ways to add some brightness. Get rid of your heavy faux fur throws and replace them with brightly colored, light throw blankets. Opt for summer-friendly fabrics like cotton or linen.

Keep Spa Water on Tap

Is there anything more refreshing than a cold glass of water after being out in the summer sun all day? Yes! Bring the spa home and boost the refreshing factor by adding some fresh slices of lemon, cucumber, oranges, mint—anything else you can think of! Lemon, cucumber, and anything else you can think of. Bonus points if it comes from your garden!

Lighten Up Your Fireplace for Summer

Fireplaces are amazing in the cold, winter months but are often ignored during the summer. Make the most of your fireplace by switching out candles or stored wood for a basket of throw blankets or a bright piece of coral. You can even add some fake (or real) flowers to the fireplace for optimal brightness and a summery feel.

Add Some Greenery

Usher in the summer months by adding some lush greenery inside and outside of your home. Head to your local farmer’s market and try some new plants and flowers. Create a windowsill herb garden and get on top of any landscaping projects you may have been putting off.

Limited on space? Look for hanging plants and flowers to create a vertical garden.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy yourself in your home surrounded by loved ones. A few simple steps will have you easily shaking off the dust and sluggishness of winter and creating a bright, airy, and fresh summery vibe.

How do you change your home around during the summer? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page, we’d love to hear from you!

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