Honey Good discusses things happy people do differently in their lives

It is early in the morning and I just hung up the phone with a friend. He told me to read, “The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World.” It is a story of the 14th Dali Lama and President Desmond Tutu. It got me thinking about a lot of different things, but eventually back to the topic of things happy people do. Let me start at the beginning.

After saying goodbye I thought about how the Dali Lama, my father and the word “joy” have impacted my life.

I recalled a conversation I had with a Rabbi four years ago. At the time, I was studying for my Bat Mitzvah when the Rabbi asked me, “What impact does the word holy play in your life?”

I remember stammering for an answer because truth be told I had never given the word any thought pertaining to my lifestyle. I answered, “Holiness is in the heavens. It is God.” I continued, “Do you know any person on Earth who is holy?”

I will never forget his answer.

“I know people who have pieces of holiness,” he replied. I still love that answer. He continued, “I know one person who is holy.”

“Who is that one person?” I asked.

“The Dali Lama,” he replied.

When we hung up, I thought about the holy and always smiling Dali Lama, the people in my life who have pieces of holiness and my father who taught me the meaning of the phrase, “Always take the high road.”

They all had and still have the same characteristics in common: They are happy.

Six things happy people do differently

  1. Happy people are grateful. A person cannot be happy unless they are grateful.
  2. Happy people cope. Regardless of the adversities they face, they have developed positive methods of coping.
  3. Happy people have direction. They set achievable goals, therefore avoiding frustration. They are realists.
  4. Happy people are spiritual. They believe in something greater than themselves.
  5. Happy people take the high road. They do the right thing. If someone has wronged them, they do not seek revenge. They live by their moral code and forgive, ignore or not let it worry them.
  6. Happy people know money alone will not bring happiness. In a recent survey, employees were asked what made them eager to go to work each day?  Happiness in the workplace won first place.

How can women over 50 begin to lead a happier life? 

  • Write in a journal each morning what made you grateful the day before. Start thinking about gratitude. There is something to appreciate everyday.
  • Practice taking the high road. It is the morally proper choice. You will feel powerful when you follow your core values and not your emotions.
  • Spend time with men and women who are uplifting and practice happiness.
  • Think of others: share, care, love.
  • Appreciate your blessings. Never give up hope.
  • Smile and make your own magic. 

What about you, dear readers? Do you notice other that things happy people do that you can implement into your life?

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