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Hair trends for women over 50 to try in 2018

As you know, darlings, I love my natural hair. If women want to go gray they should absolutely try it, but I understand everyone’s personal hair journey is different and while I don’t stray too far from my natural color I do like to play around with my cut. I’ve gone super short. I’ve worn it slicked back. I’ve worn it past my shoulders. All of these styles were in a little under five years! I’m also certainly not afraid if I think it’s getting too long to go into my kitchen, get out my scissors and take a little off myself! I know not everyone is as bold and that is why much like I did for 2018 beauty trends I went through all the fashion magazines for what the experts are forecasting for hair trends in 2018 and found some of my favorites for women over 50.

‘Silver’ hair

It turns out that younger women are going to be turning to silver for their hair, so if you are naturally silver than why can’t you do it too? Going to natural gray is a commitment and takes time.  I started with a buzz cut and let my hair grow out from there to gray. You were looking for a project in 2018 anyways weren’t you, darling? I am smiling.

Short choppy bangs

Bangs are not everyone’s “look,” however if you are thinking about getting them to change up your style, magazines are reporting that shorter, choppier bangs are what’s in for 2018.

The ‘wet’ look

The wet look is back and when I wore my hair slicked back that’s exactly the look I had! I think this can be a bold look and I dare you to try it out for 2018! It might not even require a cut just a little product. You can’t get change with much less commitment than that.

Out or in? Curling the ends

Harper’s Bazaar points out that ends of hair flipped out or curled under are very ‘90s but of course, darlings what’s old always becomes new again… isn’t that right?

Long bobs

As for a cut, the long bob still reigns this year. Which makes me so happy, darlings because I think it is a great medium!

Add a little red?

If you aren’t ready to go natural then the trend this year is to add a little red, according to Glamour. You don’t have to turn yourself into a full redhead, but highlighting or low lighting with red tones will be popular in 2018.

I’m all for women doing what makes them feel good and if that is new hair then you should try new hair! What do you think of these hair trends for women over 50 to try in 2018? Will you be trying any of them?

  1. Hi Honey! ….just curious….with your slickedback style,what does the
    back look like?….a pony tail? What product did you use?
    Thanks for all you do, love your blog!

  2. If you think about all the trendy hairstyles we tried over the years (the shag, the wedge and the Farrah Fawcett), you might recall them fondly. I once, when 15, went through a time where I slept with metal curlers in my hair to achieve some curl ( didn’t work).

    It’s nice to change things up a little. It invariably occurs when we sit in a new hairstylist’s chair. I recently left the yellow blond color I’d had for years for a more flattering neutral blond color. I think this cooler color works better with my skin tone. I also got a precision cut at the famous place that boasted “wash and wear hair” in the 1960’s.

    I think women our age tend to embrace the hair and fashion styles worn when we felt the most beautiful, not necessarily trends. While hair will always grow back, we might be faced with a new regrettable look for months.

  3. Wonderful article, Dear Honey!! But what about thick, coarse naturally frizzy, curly hair? Is wearing it “au naturel” okay? This past holiday, I just air dried my hair and it was obviously wild and frizzy – even with a styling pomade through it. I got a lot of surprised, puzzled and wide-eyed looks, but no one – except my immediate family – commented. I don’t mind it, but I am afraid it is just TOO Much hair for people to take in…. Should I go back to taming it, by straightening it and tying it back with a clip?
    Thank You and Happy New Year!!

  4. Dearest Honey,

    I SO enjoy seeing YOU in pictures and reading the thoughts you share with us every day!
    About HAIR! Thirty years ago I received great advice when my “spiritual mother” suggested I take a modeling course as a confidence builder for my public speaking. The six-month modeling course was marvelous and provided guidance that assisted me in many areas of my life. My take-away on the subject of “hair” was this: to maintain a relevant presentation, update your cut/color/look every five years. While that idea didn’t sound especially important then, it has worked out precisely as they predicted and I have found that I LOVE the opportunity to have a fresh look as I have “matured”!

    Thank you–and heartfelt wishes for a wonderful New Year.

    Another friend!!

    PS Great link to Harper’s hair styles.

  5. I am going natural color in 2018! I have been growing my hair into a medium length bob. A style that I wore with confidence in my younger years. The last 30 years, I have worn it short with bangs. I always felt like I looked boyish, but it was easy to care for from hotel rooms 3-4 nights a week for 35 years. Back then, we had to carry our own hair dryer. I think that I cut it short when hotels put really bad hair dryers in the rooms! I am excited about my journey with my hair. It is part of rediscovering who I am suppose to be. Happy New Year, Honey!

  6. One of my pet peeves is older women wearing what I call “old lady “ hair styles. It’s usually short, lacks good coloring and style. I think keeping current with your hair is as important as dressing current. Those old school hair cuts age you. I also think that most women look older with grey hair no matter how nice it looks or whether is “ a lovely grey”. As people say. Grey=old. Period.

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  8. Just discovering your site, Honey, from the NYTimes article!
    I went gray naturally, after spending time in my forties & early fifties trying to cover the grays that were creeping in. I tried blond highlights, “natural” home hair color products, salon jobs. What a royal pain in the you-know-what, and time-consuming & money-consuming!

    Lucky for me, I was not in a profession that required one to look younger than her years, so I just said “F- it” one day and decided to let it go, let it grow, naturally.

    About 15 or 16 years later – no regrets!

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