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12 Fashion Tips for the Over 50 Woman!

12 Fashion Tips for the Over 50 Woman!

What Should I Wear?

Let’s talk about fashion! I thought it would be fun to share my beauty routine and fashion to avoid after 50 with you this Sunday morning.

A while back I attended a charity luncheon with over one hundred women. I was one of the co-chairs and was required to give a speech. “What should I wear,” began running through my mind a few days before the event. Sound familiar?

I decided I would dress in all white. I opted for a white pantsuit, a white silk blouse, and light grey and white speckled platform pumps. My jewelry was gold. The only color to “my look” was a thin red-strapped watch and the frames of my glasses primarily all white with black arms. This is my style. I have dressed this way dating back to my college days. Fast forward to today…

My Fashion Today

I am now a 21st-century grandmother with over 20 delicious grandchildren who call me Honey. I am married to an exciting man who wears red-framed glasses and loves to take me shopping. How lucky is that?! However, shopping doesn’t mean a free for all! As I picked out what to wear for this luncheon, what to avoid in fashion popped into my head and I thought I’d share them with all of you! I hope my tips will peak your fancy.

12 Fashion Tips for the Over 50 Woman!

1. Sneakers: Fine for working out. Period.

2. Long skirts. A girlfriend of mine has a sassy personality and a very nice figure. Her style: long skirts. It ages her ten years. The style is not current, and it hides her shape and sass.

3. Bland colors or multiple colors. My preference is monochromatic clothing with a pop of color in my jewelry, my shoes and handbags, and my striking glasses. My French girlfriend, living in Paris, wears a light grey, pinstriped suit with pink heels and a pink handbag! I copy her style. Be daring and try it. As a side note, I stay away from taupe and beige.

4. Boring glasses. Have fun with your glasses! Take risks. I tint the glass in my black frames blue and match my lenses with the color of my other frames, always making sure my eyes show. Glasses are an accessory that can add a great look to your style.

5. Old fashioned hairstyles. Overly styled hairdos are out. Wear your hair in layers and any length that makes you happy. Subtle highlights in front will brighten your face. I think grey hair can be sexy, modern, and beautiful. Use a grey enhancer and wear it long or very short.

6. Unkept eyebrows. Eyebrows thin as we age. I use a powder with a brush to darken my brows and visit an eyebrow specialist for a tint and an arch. You can also try microblading.

7. Tanned skin. Pale skin is in for looks and health. I spray bronzer on my legs in the summer. But, remember to never over-tan. It ages any woman of any age.

8. Anything other than white teeth. Teeth can yellow naturally with age. If you have this situation, ask your dentist about whitening options to brighten your smile. You can also buy over the counter whitening products. As the adage says, “a beautiful smile is worth a thousand words.”

9. Nude or beige hosiery. They are outdated, though in certain instances I do wear them. Instead, think about using spray-on tanner or fishnet nude hose in the summer and opaque stockings in the winter.

10. Poorly fitted bras. Go to a professional fitter in a department store or private shop. Never wear a bra that doesn’t fit! Trust me, you’ll see and feel the difference!

11. Excess make-up. Thick foundation, heavy eyeliner, and bright blush all add years to your age. Toss them. I use a tinted moisturizer with color during the day and a light bronzer for blush. As well, I have greenish-blue eyes so I wear shades of lavender and navy blue eyeliner. I have a white eye pencil I use to place a dot in the corner of each eye because I read it opens the eye; and it really does! For lips I’ve read that for women over 50 it is wise to use soft pinks and mauves. I prefer not to. So, I wear color! I especially love the brand Sisley Paris.

12. The latest trends. Don’t dress in the latest trends just because, that’s a terrible reason to buy something. I remember when the empire waistline style was in fashion. I was very young and knew it was not becoming on me. But, I did not fall into the trap of purchasing clothes because they were “all the rage.” Dress for you and your body type. If it fits you well, it will look far more expensive than the latest trend that does nothing for your body type.

I hope some of these tips will help you with your fashion journey! What are your tips for fashion to avoid after the age of 50? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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October 25, 2020


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  1. B. Elliott says:

    Which grey hair enhancer do you recommend?

  2. Cassie Tzur says:

    Love your style and you continue to look great! Appreciate your comments and guidance for women and love you!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Love you too, Cass. You are a breath of steadiness and discipline. I’m not sure you always feel that inside. I suspect not but never the less even though you are miles away from my side, I feel you next to me and I sigh. Thank you.Sending love, aloha and shalom.

  3. Judith Taylor says:

    Honey, I laughed at “Stay away from taupe and beige.” My husband is retired Army, and we spent six years in Germany during the 70s. I was pregnant for most of our first year, and maternity wear was almost nonexistent. The remaining years meant shopping at the PX, or ordering from catalogs. I did have an account at a dress shop in my hometown, and that helped, especially with a pair of tall black leather boots that I wore for years!!! We flew stateside in June 1980 at the end of our second tour, and as we settled again in Oklahoma, I discovered my closet had NO color! To this day, I absolutely refuse to buy taupe or beige!! Thank you for your insight!!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      When i was first married my hubby was a second lieutenant and we were stationed at Fort Benning! I shopped at the PX too! When I see taupe or beige I feel blah! We are totally on the same page in more ways than one. Warmly, Honey

  4. Linda says:

    Totally disagree about the sneakers. There are some that are really cute and stylish that I think look great almost anywhere. And to be able to run errands for an extra couple of hours and have so much more energy because my feet still feel great helps me to feel so much more alive and youthful. On everything else, I concur.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I actually agree with you now that sneakers are so fashionable. I take it back!!!! I am smiling. Warmly, Honey

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