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Spring Closet Cleanse

It’s been said that trends come and go but style is timeless. This is so true!

I was sitting with a group of girlfriends recently discussing this topic because spring is in the air! And you know that means spring fashion, spring shoes, spring bags and more!  We readily agreed that we have all established our style, our look. But that does not stop us from wanting to add to our wardrobes. After all, we are gatherers by nature!

During our conversation I chimed in, “I have found that the classic pieces we have tucked away, or continue to wear, do come back into style!”

Personally, I have saved shoes, handbags, and outfits for years, for no other reason other than I love them and enjoy wearing them!

Over the years I have often been happily surprised to see some of the items in my closet pop up on the pages of Vogue and Bazaar magazines. My jumpsuits are twenty-five years old! My Chanel backpack is twenty-six years old! My mother’s ball gown is fifty years old!

And that is what ‘personal style’ is about; building a wardrobe around classic vintage items and ‘the new 2018 fashions’ while saving your money; not buying the ‘fads of the day!’    

After my girlfriends left, I thought it might be fun to share some pictures of my vintage pieces.

My Favorite Jewelry Pieces

Charms were “the rage” when many of us were little girls. We wore charm bracelets!

On birthdays or a special occasion we were given the gift of a charm from our parents and grandparents. My charm bracelet had my grandmother’s locket, a charm with the date and year of my birth; another had the tree of life, my late husband’s fraternity pin and on.

Charm bracelets went out of style. However, I saved mine for sentimental reasons. One day, I decided to hang all my charms on my grandmother’s chain link necklace. I wear it often. It is a conversation piece. If you saved your charms, you might consider doing the same.

My Red Flower Enamel Brooch

I searched for a broach for a few years, dragging my husband with me from one shop to another (he has excellent taste), including the famous flea market in Paris. How lucky was I?

My husband’s eye caught sight of the red broach! It has been mine for over fifteen years. It is a Trifari piece dating back to the 1960s. It was a hat pin! I can tell by the thick prongs on the back.

Not only is it beautiful, but the memory of shopping with my dear husband comes to mind when I wear my beautiful red enamel flowered broach.

My Father’s Tiffany & Co. Watch

When my father passed away almost three years ago, my mother gave me his watch. When I took it into Tiffany, they told me it was vintage!

My father was ninety-eight when he died and had had it for years prior. It is now like new and can be seen on my wrist often. It is a treasured piece! It is still in style and beautiful.

Gold Cuff Bracelets

My husband gave them to me. They had been in the family for many years. The cuffs are vintage Van Cleef and Arpels from the French jewelry house.

They are so handsome;  I wear one on each wrist. Their size and beauty make a statement, but more importantly, I carry the memory of my husband’s gift.

My Favorite Flowered Ball Gown

I wore this gown to my first black tie event with my husband, Shelly. It is breathtaking to this day, 25 years later!

It is Monet’s garden in print, and the designer is Leonard. It still fits but my arms aren’t as great! If the occasion should arise, I will wear it once again because no one will notice my arms… it is all about the gown!

My Chanel Backpack

Twenty-six years old and still at the top of my list of favorite handbags. I have had it refurbished and wear it often. I always travel with my backpack.

My First Pair of Expensive Shoes

I was in my early twenties when I bought these alligator shoes for $100. I knew my husband would not be pleased, but I could not resist! The shoes are now forty years old.

I saved them because I loved them, not knowing that they would cost $3,000! I found out when I took them to the shoemaker a few years ago. He looked at them and said, “Did you know these shoes are worth $3000?” In shock, I answered, “No!” I wear them to this day.

My Geoffrey Beene Jumpsuits

Finally, my husband bought me these grey and black jumpsuits in New York at the GB shop twenty-five years ago! They still fit, and they are both staples in my wardrobe.

A Spring Sweep of Your Own

Spring has arrived; the time we look into our closets and sweep clean those items we are tired of or have had too long. But this year, consider weighing your options before you toss!

Do something GOOD today: If you decide to sweep clean and toss, please give to those in need.

What spring cleaning tips do you swear by? How do you choose what to keep for another year? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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