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Are your skincare products for women over 50 working?

Honey Good talks skincare products for women over 50

Have you ever wondered if that new skincare line you’re trying is making an impact? I put this question to the experts and came up with some interesting facts about skincare products for women over 50 and what works.

The problem with abrasive products

First, let’s dismiss some common misconceptions.

Many of us can appreciate that an expensive face cream that does little more than feel good is a bad investment. But what about the asking price of a cheap product that is too harsh on skin? In reality, that may cost you much more than its overpriced counterpart.

Wendy Lewis, beauty guru and author of nine beauty books including “The Beauty Battle,” agrees, “This is a very common skin-care snafu. If you feel your skin is dry and tighter, or flaking, you are craving hydration, or you are using too abrasive or acidic products and your skin needs a break.”

For example, red and flaky skin is not “really clean,” it’s really aggravated! As Lewis explains, “The goal of an ideal program is cleanse, protect and treat.”

How long before a product works?

The expert consensus is that products should be used consistently for six weeks to see results.

“Many women will use a product haphazardly once in awhile, and after seeing no change, dismiss it as not working. That is not the way to truly test a product’s effectiveness,” Lewis says.

Annet King, training guru for the International Dermal Institute, confirms that six weeks is the standard waiting period for those looking to see results; “You need to give your skin at least six weeks, one epidermis, to fully adjust to new products.”

Ingredients to avoid in skincare products for women over 50

King also recommends avoiding certain ingredients that have no benefits for skin and may even do more harm than good.

What’s on her list of ingredient don’ts? Mineral oil, s.d. alcohol, artificial colors and pure formaldehyde preservatives; as well as isopropyl myristae.

How can you tell it is working?

Each woman has different skincare concerns, but certainly, whatever your goals may be, you want to know that you’ll see results, don’t you? I know I do!

Turns out that “see” may not be a misnomer. Steve Dworman of Nuglow, a skin-care product company, explains “When people are staring at themselves every day in the mirror, they cannot see the subtle changes taking place over time.”  This sentiment was echoed by many skincare experts.

Dr. Elias Michael, a board-certified dermatologist, dermatological surgeon and founder of SOHO Dermatology & Health, recommends tracking your progress digitally. “A good idea is to take photos before and after starting use and making notes on problem areas, i.e. lines, etc. Once you have a baseline, you can compare your progress to these images monthly.”

The bottom line is that seeing is believing, however, if you’re relying on the naked eye to see changes in overall skin health, you may be missing the point. Especially without your glasses on, dear readers!

“We now recommend that a person take a closeup photo of themselves before starting a new regime and then 90-120 days later under the same circumstances,” Dworman says.

The lesson is simply this. Great skin requires ongoing effort. However, it is important to track the success of skincare products for women over 50 in addition to time, commitment and follow-up on your regimen.

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