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How to find peace in your home

Today I am pleased to share with you my tips on finding peace in your home. Darlings, it’s more important than you know!
Our living space reflects our needs. A woman needs balance and calm. Where else can she find contentment if not in the privacy of her own home?
Life is crazy! We women over 50 have the freedom to come and go as we please. Our children have left the nest.
We are recreating ourselves by going back to school or traveling the world. By starting a new career or retiring and running wild with freedom. We are doing charity work and taking care of grandchildren.

Whatever we are doing, we are on the move and I am smiling.


It was important for me to learn to incorporate total calmness in our home. It’s the only way to survive the constant tumult in my daily life. The first two are self-explanatory and worth your while. My musings today will focus in detail on my third solution — how I maintain calm within the four walls of my home.

Tell myself: “I am grateful I am busy outside of my four walls. I am grateful I am calm within my four walls.”
Breathe. I learned this helpful tip from my daughter who gifted me with a stone in nature’s green. It says, breathe.
The stone sits on my desk because that is where I am the most stressed. The act of breathing physically makes me relax. And breathing slowly gives me time to think. It reminds me to be calm.


My home is an extension of who I am. In particular, the interior has a great influence on my mood. For me, my environment influences my emotional health and therefore, my happiness.
My workplace is a zen-like haven. Visualization is key for me. I purposely begin my day early, watching the sun come up over Lake Michigan in my apartment in the sky.
SoundThere is not a sound to be heard except the coffee machine humming out freshly brewed coffee. (You can see some of my favorites here.) I love the quiet of the day. This is when I am at peace.
DeskI feel like I am on vacation when I sit at my desk overlooking the harbor filled with boats. Purposely, I placed my desk facing east because the lake reminds me of my love for the Pacific Ocean.


KeepsakesOn my desk, I have some of my favorite keepsakes and memories. My shell in a glass box, my rock from Israel from my grandson Robbie. And, of course, my rock from my daughter that reads “breathe.” Lastly, my magic wand that always makes me feel safe. This sets a mood of tranquility.
Goals. It is my time to chart my course for the day by writing out organized notes. I send emails to girlfriends and to Honey Good helpers. And I text my grandchildren and my children and I begin writing my musings. All of this is done within my four walls during the silence of the day.


A system for organization. Everything in my home is organized. Organization is the key to peace in your home. I have my systems because without organization there is havoc.
My closet is color and item coded. I do the same with my shoes. When I walk into my closet I don’t have to think about where anything is. I know.
My bathroom is organized in the same manner. I have clear, plastic sectioned trays in my make-up drawers and the same in my bath closet. Ooh do I love my trays. I can wash them and see all of my products.
My perfume trayI sigh peacefully when I look at my perfume tray. Of course, I have my favorite perfume, Baccarat Rouge 540. I have two crystal butterflies in powder blue and salmon from friends. And a crystal angel in lavender given to me by a best girlfriend, Sharon. Also, I have a little pearl bracelet a grand gave me for my birthday. And I have a jar filled with powder puffs and a Jay Strongwater vase for my flowers.
So during the day and evening, I am in a peaceful setting as I put on my make-up. Turn your bath area into a small space of your own with some of your favorite things. This is another way to find peace in your home!
How to find peace in your home


Our bedroom: My side end table is kept very simple, by choice. I have my beautiful clock and a picture of my Ultimate Concierge and myself. There’s a crystal heart from one of my daughters and a small vase. Lastly, my favorite book that has been by my bedside since I was in my early 20s, “Gift from the Sea.”
My papersI was falling short for a while in organizing my papers. My mind felt as cluttered as the array of papers laying in disorganized piles. Not to mention scattered in different rooms!
I solved my problem with low-standing file cabinets. I like that they more or less disappear because I had granite tops made for them. And there I placed my favorite family photos and keepsakes. A beautiful way to find peace in my home.
When I walk into the room my eyes only take in the photos and keepsakes, not the file drawers. I know many of you may use folders on your computers, but I prefer my way.

Read more about my adventures in organization here!

Don’t be a saver. I suggest you go on a “charity binge.” Someone will love what you no longer wear, sit on, drink out of, serve on, and so on. It is the most cleansing feeling to part with items that have been on your shelves or in your closet for years. Just do it!
Our living space reflects our needs. Our need for balance. And our need for calm. Also, our need for peace. Where else can we find this, but behind our four walls?


I have found the key to peace in my home — memories. Throughout our home, I have placed my favorite keepsakes from loved ones. These items make me happy and bring back memories that provide contentment.
Orchids and large green trees around the house bring nature into my life, a must for happiness and peace. Art, especially our camels making love by Larry Rivers. They reside in our formal living room and make me laugh and feel relaxed every day! I love to laugh.
The view of my beautiful Chicago and Lake Michigan from the 71st floor brings awe. And I feel grateful for my lifestyle. This brings unimaginable peace. 
But the most important need behind my four walls is my husband and Ultimate Concierge, Sheldon Good, and my devoted pooch, America Good.


If you like some of my ideas and think they will make your home life more comfortable, give them a try. Perhaps bring out your grandmother’s candlesticks or a gift from your grandchild. Hang or place somewhere for your eyes to behold.
Put some of your favorite pieces next to your bedside. And if you don’t have a perfume tray, purchase one and put other favorites on it, not just perfume. Most importantly, walk up to your partner, give him a kiss and tell him you are grateful you have him in your life. Also, pat your pooch and give her or her a delicious mouth-watering treat!

Have you considered being intentional about finding peace in your home? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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July 13, 2022


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