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Cosmetics that look designer that you can get at the drugstore

There’s a lot of good reasons to not want to spend an arm and a leg on cosmetics. Whether you aren’t convinced the look is “you” yet, you don’t think you’ll use the product that often, or you are simply looking to save the money, a “drugstore” product may be a great way to go, darlings.

Designer products are obviously beautiful, but there are plenty of “drugstore dupes” to get similar looks at a fraction of the cost. Here are some top-selling designer cosmetics and drugstore finds for you to consider to get the look.

Urban Decay and Wet ‘N Wild 



Urban Decay Naked3 Palette and Wet ‘N Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Nude Awakening

Wet ‘N Wild’s palette has a lot of similarities to Urban Decay’s third version of the Naked palette. Both sets feature eyeshadows with pink undertones in several of their shades.

Buy it here: Urban Decay Naked3  $54 | Sephora
                         Wet ‘N Wild Palette in Nude Awakening  $6.99 | Walgreens


Laura Mercier  and e.l.f. Studio



Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder

Setting powder is applied after your makeup is complete to give it a matte look. The powder absorbs oil to reduce shine throughout the day. Laura Mercier has one of the top-selling setting powders in the business, but e.l.f.’s costs less than a fourth of the price of Laura Mercier’s and gets rave reviews. For a less than fourth of a cost it might be worth it to see if e.l.f.’s works for you.

Buy it here: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose setting powder $38| Nordstrom
                         e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder $6 | Walgreens

Tom Ford and L’Oreal Paris


Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Nude Dip and L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Dual Effects Eyeshadow in Perpetual Nude

The colors that make up Tom Ford’s eye color quad in Nude Dip are stunning and versatile, but L’Oreal Paris has almost the same look with their four shadow set in Perpetual Nude. Each palette features complimentary eyeshadow shades designed to achieve multiple looks including a smokey eye.

Buy it here: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Nude Dip $85 | Bergdorf Goodman’s  L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Dual Effects Eyeshadow in Perpetual Nude $8.99| Target

Too Faced and Rimmel London


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and Rimmel London Retro Glam ScandalEyes

Both Rimmel London Retro Glam ScandalEyes and Too Faced Better Than Sex are black mascaras that are meant to volumize, but the dupe is really in the brush. Both mascaras feature an hourglass shaped brush that is supposed to achieve maximum volume and coat the lashes.

Buy it here: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara $23 | Sephora
                         Rimmel London Retro Glam ScandalEyes $5.99| Ulta

What do you think, dear readers? Are you going to go designer or try the dupe?

  1. I’m a drugstore girl!! Love L’Oreal infallible pen eyeliner and their shadows!! Great Lash from Maybelline still avgo/ to mascara.

  2. Hi Susan! Thanks so much for this great post. Last July, my husband and I were informed that the department in the advertising agency where we have worked for almost 25 years was being “downsized”. Three senior ad writers lost their positions, my husband, myself and one other woman, All three of us just happen to be over 50. The remaining 3 and “surprise” , one new hire are all under 40. Hmmm.
    Since then, we have been looking for ways to live more simply. On the bright side, we have discovered many “things” we truly do not miss. I’ve just about gotten to the bottom of most of my makeup and have been considering trying (except for my skincare and foundation) some drugstore brand cosmetics. Have you ever tried any of those featured in this post? Do you have any particular favorites? Thanks for being a captive listener and for any help you could provide to me. Wishing you a lovely Thursday!

    1. I like the way you think. I take a situation that is not to my liking and turn it into a positive. You did just that. I loved reading your comment. I am smiling. Enjoy your simpler more satisfactory lifestyle. Warmly, Honey

  3. Thank You! Thank You! I have been debating on purchasing the Urban Decay palette. The price is what kept me from taking the plunge. I have purchased the Laura Mercier in the past, I will definitely make a trip to Walgreens for the e.l.f. powder. Honey I look so forward seeing you in my inbox. You always have the most useful & uplifting information. Keep it coming!!!

    1. I am glad you are going to try e.l.f powder. Try the Urban Decay, too. I know it is a plunge. Make it a ‘gift to yourself.’ I am smiling. Warmly, Honey

  4. Love the article. I do love Rimmel, that is my everyday go to mascara, but for the money I do prefer Too Faced Better than Sex mascara when I want to really pop my lashes. I haven’t tried the eyeshadows yet, trip to Walgreens might be next on my list……

    1. I think you should try the eyeshadow. “If you do not try, you will never know,” is a saying I often use. Pop into Walgreens!! Warmly, Honey

  5. Hello, I have been using the Elf setting powder for under eyes and I love it. I have been following dupes for the last couple of years and I must say that I have not been misled very often. I so enjoy

    1. I am glad you can give your applause to Dupes. This will give a heads up to the other gals. I am so happy you enjoy, Honey Good. Warmly, Honey

  6. Hi Honey. I am a 58 year young woman who is trying to rediscover myself after a second marriage and early retirement. I appreciate and look forward to your heart felt stories, information and insight. I was at Target and decided to try the perpetual nude eye shadow by L’Oreal. Thank you for the tip. I love it!

    1. Good for you. We all should do what you are doing. Rediscover ourselves. I hope you like the eye shadow. Keep in touch. Warmly, Honey

  7. I am more recently into cosmetics that are more “pure” and have fewer “bad” ingredients. I am still learning.

    1. We are all learning. The important thing is … we want to learn. Have a nice Sunday. Warmly, Honey

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