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Design and Create a Space of Your Own During COVID-19

Every woman needs a space of your own

Everyone Woman Needs a Space of Her Own

Every woman has private thoughts that swirl through her mind. I use the word swirl because most thoughts last but minutes or seconds. Thoughts eventually provide conclusions. They are ideas, snapshots, or an important mental vision. The perfect place to entertain those thoughts is in a private space of your own. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sanctuary to call your own? During this time of COVID -19 is a perfect opportunity to design your space and I am happy to help you begin your journey with some very interesting ideas.

Not All Is Lost in Elsewhere

The world population is suffering in one way or another from the Pandemic, COVID-19. The good life as we knew it is stored away for the time being while we are forced to dwell in a foreign place where our health and safety are threatened. I call the place, Elsewhere. But not all is lost in Elsewhere because we have had time to let thoughts swirl through our minds into reality.

The human spirit looks for ways to overcome adversity. Many of us have acquired new interests or renewed old dreams and found joy in expanding our horizons. I know a man who built a greenhouse. He bought the parts on Amazon. He always dreamed of building a greenhouse but was too busy. I saw his photos as he went through the stages. Now he is realizing his dream. I know a woman who purchased an easel, watercolors, and brushes and signed up for an art course. She then decided she wanted a space of her own in the small home she shared with her husband. Two projects are bringing her contentment, a sense of personal pride, and fulfillment.

You Are The Creator of Your Dream

I am a writer. I have a space of my own too. It wraps its arms around me and I feel like I am in a cocoon; safe and secure from the world. I find peace in the silence. I feel joyful that it is mine.

What makes your space special is that you are the designer, the creator. Your space or niche, or room represents and reflects your personal style. Remember, your style is your biography… a composite of your inner and outer beauty.

It is a marvelous feeling to occupy a private space where you can delight in having your keepsakes, conquer your to-do’s, run a business, make loving phone calls to family and private calls to girlfriends, read a novel, wrap presents, or start a journal. And, it is a place to make plans, solve problems, and create dreams. It is yours.

Let’s Carve Out Some Ideas Together

Your space does not have to be a room, it can be a tiny nook. How about a closet? How about a space with a screen in front of it in a large room? What’s important is that it’s your space to think and daydream and grow.

When I lived in a small space I decided to visit a resale shop. My hope was to find a beautiful folding French screen to blend in with the decor in my living room. It took many weeks of exploration but when I found her, I placed her in the corner of the room. Behind the screen, I had a French desk with several drawers and a chair. I created my little space in this area because there was a window facing south which enlarged the space; I created a sunny room with a view! And, I had fresh flowers on my desk at all times along with my favorite keepsakes. With so little space, I had no choice but to keep it neat. When I had company, I folded the screen to allow my desk and chair to become part of the living room. This was one of my favorite spaces.

turn a closet into a space of your own during COVID-19

Picture by Country Living

Turn a Closet into an Office

One of my closest friends converted a tiny closet into a room of her own. She lives in a huge condo in L.A. but chose this type of design because it was her style. It has a built-in desk that goes the length of the closet with several different sized drawers, shelves above adorned with family photos, keepsakes, books, a small TV, and piped-in music. It is only meant for one person. I could barely squeeze in with her! But it worked for her. She made a closet into a world of its own in Elsewhere.

A Kitchen Desk Becomes Your Space

Many of my friends created a niche in their kitchen. A few of my friends had to get creative. One took out cabinets, built a desk in their place, and gave herself a niche of her own. Another friend placed her desk against a wall and had a beautiful board made that she housed in front of her desk for photos and reminders.

A Niche Is a Large Closet

If you have a large closet, you can use it as an office, a place to relax, and an exercise room. I did this in our home in California. We built the house so I was able to tell the builder I wanted sliding glass doors leading out to a private patio that was mine.

I wanted wallpaper so I choose a paper with the background color of sherbet green and a floor covering in the same hue because I wanted the indoor room to flow with the outdoor patio and landscape. On top of the sherbet green walkover, are Asian women dressed in lavender, wearing different styles of kimonos. My shelves and drawers are lacquered in the same green. I have a treadmill with a small TV built-in front of the treadmill and a full mirrored wall for dressing and exercising.

My patio matches my space with lavender impatience and vibrant green boxwoods. Centered in the middle is a dwarf Olive Tree (the first tree to grow in the Holy Lands). On the patio is a rod iron table and two chairs. It is where I often write. My dream was to enclose it with a glass roof so I could see the sky and I was going to put a chaise lounge within the enclosure. But, I want to move near the sea so we have put off doing it. My room of my own is an expression of my love of nature, beauty, and serenity. The space is a composition of my style.

Food For Thought

I have given you some food for thought. Now you can go online and do research on your own. Maybe you have an attic that has light and good bones. Or maybe a space in your bedroom or bath. Maybe you can build a greenhouse and put your private space among flowers and plants. You have time while living in Elsewhere.

My hope is that some of you will feel inspired to take on a project while living in Elsewhere. What could be better than doing something creative that represents the ‘you in you’, just for you. Allow your thoughts to swirl through your mind and eventually turn them into reality. Have fun!

Have you or would you like to create a space of your own? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page. 

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August 2, 2020


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  1. Carmen Miranda says:

    Thank you, Honey, for your suggestion. I want to create my own little space to meditate, create, fly elsewhere.

    My daughter had the bright idea of creating a space for our 15 yr old who is studying online because of the pandemic. Our princess is so enthused in helping out in the creation of her ideal study room. They spent the weekend painting the office space. Book shelves are going up, area rug, even a small chandelier which she has wanted for a long time. We want to motivate her as she starts off her new school year.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I love the idea of hanging a Chandelier in a young girls or an old girl’s room!!! So feminine and girly! If you want you own space, just do it!!! Sending warmth, Honey

  2. Gail Stone says:

    Thank you, Honey, for another resourceful concept/picture re: combating ‘Covid’ with ‘courage and creating’ something delightful – closet to office’ ! It is ‘Up to Each of US”. . . for ‘Our Life’. One’s ‘creativity’ can be endless. . . ‘What we ‘Think about/comes about. . . ” To think is to ‘Create”. . .
    I’m going to. . . ‘Create’ Something?! ( It’s exciting that I/Each of Us has that ‘Gift’/Ability!). . . ‘ that I want or ‘Need’, AND there’s no end to ‘that stream’. . .Isn’t that exciting?! Best to ‘Honey’ and Each of you! Gail!

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