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Create the Mood in a Nook of Your Own

Do you have a nook of your own? A personal and magical place where you can… just be? An escape from concentrating on your worldly life to focus on your personal one for a time, but not for all time?

A nook, to me, is your private home away from home where you are surrounded with your favorite colors, lighting, music, possessions, and most importantly, serenity. Because when you enter your nook, your spirits are lifted up and carried away on an emotional journey to your private wonderland.

Not every woman has a nook of her own, including yours truly. The layout of our condo in the sky, though not small, cannot accommodate a private haven for me. I am not one to give up, so I created my nook with a focal point–the lovely Lake Michigan. It feeds my soul. And, so can you, darling. Remember, nothing is impossible.

Ideas to Ponder

Here are two possible ideas to ponder. A stunning folding screen that blends into the decor of your room of choice. This can act as a partition between you and the outer world. It can be a tiny space with a small desk that has a vase holding your favorite flower, other favorite possessions, and hopefully, you will have a view. You can turn your bath into double use. I did that in our California home (see below).

My Two Nooks

My two nooks have spectacular views of the water. Darling, my view is so spectacular that I don’t despair over not having my own private nook in a space with walls.

One nook is in our living room with large windows that face east and south, so I am able to enjoy watching the sunrise over Lake Michigan in the wee hours of the morning. Then, I can continue gazing at the water and watching the sun as they both wrap around the living room to the south that leads to the other nook that I share with my Ultimate Concierge.

There is no denying I would adore having a nook of my own but it is impossible so I have done the best I can to be creative and make my space feel private.

A Shared Nook with Personal Space

My Ultimate Concierge and I share a very large desk. Our huge desk faces to the south with a view of the magnificent architectural cityscape of my beautiful Chicago. My Ultimate Concierge’s view is of the city. I view Lake Michigan, a beautiful harbor, the famous Navy Pier, and the southern grandeur of Chicago.

From my husband’s desk chair he sees hundreds of tall magnificent buildings, some he has sold. My husband is truly an icon in the Real Estate Industry. His company, Sheldon Good and Co. was the first to sell commercial and residential real estate at Auction. He is the father of the Auction in America. But in my mind, he is an icon because of his tireless work and dedication to Real Estate organizations and his unsurpassable knowledge of the Real Estate industry.

Our nooks are very different. Though we both have careers, from the appearances of our separate nooks, you would immediately realize he is a successful businessman. As you gaze at my side, your first thought would be: she is a mom, grandmother, girlfriend, and wife. You would not know I have a career.

Shelly’s Nook

His walls are covered with plaques and distinguished awards from all over the world and my walls are covered with family photos. As well, his shelves are filled with Presidential gavels, and more awards, a photo of me, stunning scrapbooks of his career, elephants with their trunks up, a photo of his mom and his best friend, Buck, who passed away.

My Nook

My shelves hold a collection of sentimental gifts I received from family and friends, photographs of our family, and a few objects I collected from our travels. As well, my grandmother’s oriental pot sits on my side of the window sill holding a white orchid plant to remind me daily of my life in Honolulu. On my chair are two small pillows with sayings: “The greatest pleasure, I find, is in my garden.” And, I’d Rather be in Paris.” Nothing in my private nook reflects that I have a career. What I see all around me is what is most important to me, our family and nature.

On my desk, I have a photo of my Ultimate Concierge, my father, two gifts from my daughter, Jenny, a beautiful silver paperweight engraved with the name of every country in the world in the country dialect, a gift from a close French friend, Florence, and a gorgeous magic wand, a gift from my Ultimate Concierge.

My Nook Is a Space For Honey Good

When my eyes gaze at my Apple computers on my desk, I see works of art and think of Steve Jobs the mastermind and visionary who developed and designed the stunning brand. His concept of combining art and technology was revolutionary, and because of his design, my Apple computers fit in perfectly with my decor.

I have a desktop 21″ Apple, MacBook Pro Laptop, and a small MacBook 12″ for travel. All three are on my desk, both laptops on a silver stand that match my Apple products. The stand, Boyata, has a dual purpose and is one of my best buys because it acts as a holder for my two laptops and has an adjustable writing table. Then, I have a phone stand for my Apple phone and it is silver. The brand is OMOTON, and I give it a thumbs up for its simple lines and functionality.

Lastly, there is a large screen LG TV in front of a Spirit Fitness Treadmill and there is a bath.

A Woman Needs a Nook of Her Own

Though I have tried my best to create a nook of my own, and I have to an extent, I believe a woman needs her own private space to nurture her body, mind, and spirit. If you are planning a move, darling, put a nook of your own on your priority list. To be sure, I will. Amen!

Do you have a nook of your own? If you do, please share them in the comments at the bottom of this page. I would love to know all about them. 

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