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The Best BB Creams For Women Over 50

Today, dear readers, I am reintroducing you to a beauty product that can literally overhaul your entire beauty routine, in just one tube! Here are the best BB Creams for women over 50 and why you will love this little multitasking makeup-moisturizer-primer.

What is BB Cream?

You may be spotting BB creams on the shelves of your local drugstores and specialty beauty boutiques, but not many of us really know what this product promises to do. The “BB” stands for blemish balm in Asia, where this multitasking product first gained popularity, but in the States “BB” stands for beauty balm.

BB creams are touted as do-it-all products that promise to replace a host of items on your vanity; think foundation, serum, moisturizer, primer, and SPF. But, before you head out, determined to come back a BB cream devotee, take my advice and pick one of the BB creams that stood out amongst the many brands I’ve personally tried for women over 50.

The Best BB Creams For Women Over 50

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

Recommended by the Skin Cancer foundation as an effective UVA/UVB sunscreen, the recently released “Glow Time” is a full coverage mineral BB cream with an SPF 25 rating.  This product covers blemishes while minimizing pores and wrinkles, plus it smoothes and brightens skin in a variety of shades. Anti-aging ingredients, including apple extract, bitter orange extract, grapefruit extract, aloe leaf juice, honeysuckle extract, and sunflower seed oil, control oil while soothing and calming skin. Get it for $48 here or at local medical spas.

Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB cream (and more)

Amongst the first BB creams available in the US, Korean brand, Dr. Jart just released a BB sampler ideal for women ready to try a BB cream but not sure where to start. The four-piece set includes Dr. Jart’s classic BB cream plus waterfuse BB cream, Black Label Detox BB cream and an anti-aging BB cream. We tried them all and, frankly, would be hard-pressed to decide which one we liked best. Sampler to the rescue. Get it for $34 here.

Embryolisse BB Cream

For those with oily skin, Embryolisse’s BB cream is more gel-like than many of its counterparts. Best of all, this product also boasts AHAs or fruit acids to help eliminate dead skin cells gently, plus mineral powder pearls that absorb excess oil and reflect light, leaving skin aglow. Embryolisse’s BB Cream calls upon hyaluronic acid to plump and firm skin. Get it for $39 here.

Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal BB Cream

Pixi’s BB cream is a tinted moisturizer, concealer and hydrator with an SPF 20 rating, and it boasts significantly more coverage than many of the other beauty balms we tried. Free of fragrance, talc and oil,  the unique roller applicator and SPF 20 protection provides ample coverage with skin-saving ingredients. Get it for $24 here.

L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream

Surprisingly good. That’s how we’d describe Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream. This four-in-one cream primes, perfects, hydrates and corrects skin. Available in a variety of hues chock-full of encapsulated pigments that cover skin imperfections, this BB cream also acts as an ultra-light lotion and contains vitamins C and E. Get it for about $8 at local drugstores and Walmart.

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  1. Good morning Honey!..Thank you for posting this info. I am trying to purchase new makeup, cruelty free only! I will try the Pixie brand!! Do you have any more suggestions for blush, mascara, lip etc?!!

    1. I do not because of I am not well versed on the cruelty-free. Perhaps you could give me some advice. Warmly, Honey

    2. I am also going for cruelty free these days. Ulta has many brands that follow this practice. Also, Arianne Poole, from the U.K., has makeup for older women, and she is dedicated to being cruelty-free. You have to order online, but over a certain amount the shipping is free.

  2. BB sounds like a great idea, however, is it used with your moisturizer and foundation? Interested in trying, but want to be sure of proper application. Thanks for your help.

    1. Please stop by a make-up department and ask the manager for her expert advice. Warmly, Honey

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