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Treat yourself to the beauty products from Mirada de Provence


Honey Good discusses beauty products from Mirada de Provence


An enticing package was waiting for me when I came home the other day, adorned with a huge graphic of the Eiffel Tower and addressed in French. And the box under the packaging was almost as enchanting as what I soon would discover inside. I lifted the cover to find, sitting atop deliciously shocking pink confetti, a lovely note and four beguiling beauty products from Mirada de Provence.

Clear plastic bottles revealed the delightfully feminine hues of a body scrub, cleansing hand cream and revitalizing body lotion in Fig-Lemon Cedrat, while a super-rich Aromatic Herb moisturizing hand cream is protected by a sleek, silver, go-anywhere tube. Perhaps it was their decidedly European appearance, but my very first impression was “I’m going to love traveling with these products!” I opened them to test the scent and feel the product against my skin. Trés elegant!

I learned that this new line is infused with botanical ingredients from the rich farmlands of Provence. These products are formulated with rich nutrients that are designed to be absorbed quickly to hydrate and restore skin. Mirada’s mantra, like mine, is “true beauty is ageless.

I have deeply fond memories of traveling in Provence, which is nestled between the French Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhone and home to the some of the richest growing fields in the world. Provence’s bright, flower-fostering sun and its brick winds—ideal for growing herbs—came flooding back to me as I tried these products.

Just a week later, my initial impressions of the product became prophecy as I did indeed travel with two of them to Idaho: Mirada’s Fig-Lemon Cedrat Nourishing Body Lotion and a product I’ve now come to rely on as a go-to hand-care product, the Aromatic Herbs Nourishing Hand Cream. This addictive balm folds together shea butter, olive oil, rosemary oil and marigold flower extracts to soothe irritated skin, or, as can easily happen in Idaho’s dry mountain air, to prevent skin from chapping.

In style, quality and substance, beauty products from Mirada de Provence went so far beyond my expectations that I now feel I can’t do without them. See if you agree with me; find them at

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